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Year 3

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Welcome children, parents and carers to our Year 3 class page. In Year 3 we learn a variety of exciting and enjoyable topics these are....


Stone Age to the Iron Age

Local Study: Swinton

Concrete City vs Spacious Seaside

Rambunctious Romans

Sizzling South America


On Fridays we are lucky enough to go swimming, so we must remember to bring our full swimming kits (including a towel and a swimming cap).


We have lots of teachers and support staff who work with us everyday, they are Miss Hall, Mrs Gardner, Miss Hamilton and Mrs Jackson.


Keep checking our class page for lots of intriguing updates about what we learn, who we meet and where we go!

Summer Term 1 - Home Learning Challenges

2 Weeks 'Easter' Holidays Writing Project!

Celts & Romans Trip to Martin Mere's roundhouse village 'Mere Tun'!

The Flamingos! Miss Hall's favourites!
Introduction to the villagers around the campfire
It's quite small in here!
Tools of the trade for thatching a roof.
Making a pig pen.
Must weave carefully don't want the pigs to escape
Thatching the roof, great teamwork!
The finished product!
Doing as we're told by the Senior Officer!
Doing our best 'grrrrrrr' faces!
The calling horn to 'back-up' fighters.
What a funny noise it makes!
Becoming a Centurion.
Nothing's getting through that helmet!
Fierce like Boudicaa!
A well earned lunch around the campfire.
More soldiers in training! Parents watch out!
It looks easier than it is.
Blowing raspberries!
What a racket!
The helmet finishes the outfit! Fantastic!
Don't let looks deceive, she's scary!
The helmet was sooooo heavy!
Miss Hall and her Legionaries!
Looking the part!
This is part of the exercise regime!
Thatching is a technical skill.
What did the Celts use willow branches for?
Lots of weaving and baskets.
Foraging for pine cones to stoke the fire.
Celts used pine tree sap to scent their homes!
Celts peeled rushes to make wicks for 'candles'.
Inside Freya's roundhouse, cosy!
Freya showing us how to light a fire with flint.
What an amazing day! We don't want to leave!

Strictly St.Peter Outfits - 2016!

Spring Term 1 - Home Learning Challenges (optional)

Y3 Trip to Manchester City Centre - 09.12.15