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Spring 1


This week we have been recapping our place value and looking at number bonds to 100. In English we have finished our Newspaper report and the children have had a great time doing so! During our afternoons, we have been very busy making stained glass windows in Science to learn about transparent, translucent and opaque materials. We have also been looking at four figure grid references in geography and the children have done a great job locating countries around Europe


A great week this week. We have started to look at writing a newspaper to report on Boudicca and during our maths lessons we have been looking at dividing using a number line. We have had a great crafty week and we have made our own Roman mosaics.


This week we have been looking at word classes and focusing on our grammar. In maths we have been looking at dividing whilst using a number line and we are becoming experts! During our afternoons, we have made our very own mosaic and we have even made a video and edited it. The video has been linked to our gymnastic sessions


This week the children have finished their information texts on Boudicca. They are ready to go up on our new classroom display! In maths, we were looking at fractions and using the bar model to help us. In Science we were asked the question, does light bend? Ofcourse the answer was no but we used mirrors to reflect light and bounce it around the classroom.


Another great week this week. We have started our gymnastics lessons in P.E. and the children have loved it! We also had a very exciting trip to the zoo on Thursday which the children loved!


The children have had a great week this week as we have started to write our information text about Boudicca. In maths we have been looking at multiplication problems aswell as learning our eight times tables. In Science we looked at light and how light reflects. We discussed the reasons for why it is important that light reflects and we decided to see who had the safest coat!


A great first week back. This week we have been recapping place value and addition and subtraction in Maths aswell as writing our very own new year poems in English. We have also looked at our new science topic and discussed what light sources are. Our exciting visit this week came from Freddie Fit!

The Roman Empire



This topic will take us all the way to the end of the spring term! We will be looking at the Romans and the famous battle of Wattling street! Will Boudicca's rebellion save the Celts or will she fall short? In our science lessons we will be working scientifically and looking out what might be out there beyond earth? Who has been to space and how do they do it?