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EMA work for Friday 22nd October 2021, please complete these tricky maths questions and then join our class Zoom at 9:15 am to go through the answers with the rest of your classmates! yes

If your child has to isolate this half-term this is some of the stuff we will be covering in class, so use this to give you an idea of things that you can be doing with your child. 




We have been looking at place value and will begin to look at addition and subtraction, we will be using our ten sticks and units to help us with tricky addition so here is our calculation policy along with some addition worksheets to work through. 


Remember in lesson 3 how we add tens to two-digit numbers, the units always stay the same! 



We have been looking at 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson in class, can you have a look at this book and complete these activities?


Remember we have been trying really hard with our full sentences in Year 2, extending them with the word 'because' so make sure when you are completing these activities you carry on with your brilliant full sentences. 


Why don't you look at some more Julia Donaldson books, there are plenty of fantastic ones: Zog, The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and Cave Baby are personal favourites! We will actually look at Room on the Broom towards the end of this half-term to tie in with Halloween. 

The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson



In science this half-term we are learning about how to be healthy - here are some great ideas for you to do at home which will help you think about what it means to be healthy. 

In our geography/history this half-term we are looking at coastlines, why don't you have a go at these activities. There are also some great videos on YouTube where a magic Grandad takes his Grandkids to visit a seaside 100 years' ago! 

The Beach - Magic Grandad



Here are some pictures that you can use for inspiration for art activities. You could draw a seaside scene on a paper plate, or think about what ice cream you would get from the seaside and have a go at drawing this, or making it from different materials such as paint, tissue paper or cardboard. (If you are feeling extra adventurous why not try making your very own homemade ice cream?) 

Thanks and stay safe, 


Miss Waddington smiley