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Welcome children, parents and carers to our Reception class page.

In Reception we are always busy learning and developing lots of new and exciting skills through a variety of topics, these are .......

    Autumn Term 1 Marvellous Me     Brilliant Bodies     


    Autumn term 2 Night Time             Autumn    Christmas      


      Spring 1     Winter Wonderland   Chinese New Year         


       Spring 2   If you go down to the woods

Diary Dates


Wednesday-  P.E.- Please make sure the children have their P.E. kit in school and all clothing in labelled (including pumps).


Friday -  Show and tell starting 8th November 



Star of P.E.

Star of P.E. 1
Star of P.E. 2
Star of P.E. 3
Star of P.E. 4
Star of P.E. 5
Star of P.E. 6

                                   Marvellous Me!


Our first topic will focus on Marvellous Me! We will be finding out about ourselves, friends, families, likes, dislikes, where we live and carrying out lots of new social interactions. We will be finding out and learning to follow new rules and routines.

It is going to be a busy first half term!

                               Brilliant Bodies

As part of our 'Marvellous Me topic' we will be finding about

 about the body, the different parts and how they work. We will also think about how to keep our bodies healthy and clean.

Our home corner will change into a hospital and we will be talking about people who help us. 

Brilliant Bodies Topic

                                      All Things Autumn


Over the next two weeks we will be investigating autumn. We will find out about what happens in autumn, what the animals do in the autumn time and we will be reading lots of fiction and non fiction themed books.

                      Night Time

Our next topic will be about 'Night Time'. We will be finding out about what happens at night, what the animals do and what we do. We will be investigating light, light sources  and shadows. We will be exploring the differences between night and day and enjoying a variety of story books links to night time. 


Our next topic will be about Christmas and preparing for Christmas. We will be busy rehearsing for the nativity and finding out about Christmas traditions.

Crackers about Christmas!

                                                  Winter Wonderland


We will be finding out about winter and what happens to the weather, the plants and animals. We will also be looking at the Arctic and the animals that live in the Arctic. 

Our next mini topic will be all about Chinese New Year. We will be finding out about China, where it is and what it is like and we will be investigating Chinese New Year and Chinese traditions.

If you go down to the woods....