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Autumn 1

We Will Rock You!

Welcome to our Stone Age topic.

Here we will be looking at the Stone Age throughout our topic lessons which links into our science study of rocks and fossils.

10/10/19 - We went to library and did a bit of research to see if we could find out any more facts about the stone age.

01/10/19 - Chocolate rocks! The children were very excited when they found out it was another edible experiment, the task was to create all three different types of rocks using chocolate flakes. We made Sedimentary rocks (which is made up of layers) Metamorphic rock (which we squeezed into a ball through the use of heat and pressure) and igneous rock (which is essentially cooled down lava))

25/09/19 - What are fossils? After discovering out what fossils are, we decided to make our own using sweets and bread. The children had lots of fun and can now successfully explain how a fossil is made.

19/09/19 - Which rock would be most suitable for a statue? To introduce the topic of Rocks, we looked at which rocks would be suitable for a statue and we decided to do a few tests to see which one would come out on top.

17/09/19 - A huge well done to every child who had the courage to put themselves forward for the school ethos group and to perform a speech as to why they should be voted in! In the speeches children spoke about changes they will try to put into place this year and why they are most suited to the job. Congratulations to the winners who were then voted in by their class mates.

11/09/19 - To get in the stone age spirit, we looked at how people back then would communicate. After being inspired by the story Cave baby, we decided to create our own cave paintings with some messages using only symbols.