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Autumn 2

'Environmental Enthusiasts'

Within this topic we will be looking at the local history of Swinton. We will be investigating, as historians, our school and what existed before our school. We will also look at what life was like in the Industrial school. As geographers we will be discussing the human and physical geography of Swinton and what we can do to help and be proud of our local environment. Throughout Science we will be looking at magnets and how they work.

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11/12/19 - For our DT project we designed packaging for a Christmas toy of our choice. We had to research, create an idea, design the idea, produce it and evaluate it. This included lots of skills like creating tricky shape nets!

04/12/19 - The children came up with a fantatsic idea and asked if they could do their own mini project to help with the environment. Inspired by Greta's book, the children created posters and went litter picking local to the school.

03/12/19 - Now we are coming to the end of our magnetic topic, the children created their own magnetic game for themselves and others to play.

19/11/19 - What is a compass and how do they work? The children looked at compasses, we discussed what they are for and we even had a go at making our own!

06/11/19 - We had a look at old images of Swinton and as historians we had to pinpoint where exactly each image was taken and how we know for definite.

04/11/19 - To fit in with our topic of the environment. Our current book study is who Swallowed Stanley? The Children's task was to act as news reporters and interview Stanley. This helped massively with our writing when it came to punctuating our speech!

30/10/19 - The children went on a walk around the school and pin pointed different human and physical features of our local environment.