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Autumn 2

   This half term we will be covering three mini topics.

Our first topic is called 'All things Autumn'. 




We will be thinking about the weather in autumn, the animals and specials times and events people celebrate in autumn. 


We will be answering and finding the answers to the questions below. 

What is the weather like in autumn?

What happens to the plants and animal around us in autumn? 

What do we do in autumn? 

What  special times and events do we celebrate and remember in autumn?

What is harvest? 

We will find out about other religions and their special events in autumn like Diwali.  

We will discuss  Halloween, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day.


Autumn topic plan and home learning

Our next topic is all about 'Night time '.



We will be reading stories linked to night time like  'Night Monkey,Day Monkey', 'Peace at last' and looking at non- fiction books about night time. 


We will investigate and compare night and day.

We will find out about nocturnal animals. 

We will investigate light and shadows. 

We will talk about what happens at night.