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Gallery - Sporting Superstars! 2021/22

From 2023 onwards... 


all photos and events are now posted on the school dojo page. smiley


28/06/22 - Y5/6 Swinton Cricket festival


If you haven't already. Look at your child's class page for action shots of year 5 and 6's visit to graystones to skate, climb and trampoline. If your child is in any other year group, look at their class page where they learnt how to skate on national skate day!

16/06/22 - 3v3 Basketball Y 5/6

Y1/2 Hockey - Swinton Schools' Tournament, 25/05/22

EFL Girls football 25/05/22

Lancashire C.C School offer


Swinton Handball cluster Y6 08/03/22

Dodgeball Y5/6 30/11/21

19/10/21 - Tag Rugby Y5/6