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Gallery - Virtual Sports Day

The Final Results are - well done to...




Wahooooooo well done to everybody!

What an amazing day we have all had! Thank you to everyone who took part, mums, dads, grandparents and even pets! We are incredibly proud of our St Peter's family. Thank you to all the staff and Mr Stevenson for running the in school sports day!


Miss Richardson (more photos will be added tomorrow)


Class Points
Nursery 78
Reception 120
Year One 106
Year Two 112
Year Three 109
Year Four 107
Year Five 95
Year Six 108



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Sports' Day has begun!  First results coming soon!


I will post as many pictures as I can as the day goes on!


6 Event Special!


If we can’t have sports day in school, we will bring it to you!  


There are 6 events to complete and 2 bonus events.  For each event you complete at or near the time given, you will earn points for your class.  There are 2 bonus events to earn super bonus points for your class. If you are a child who is in school you will complete the events in school and will still earn points for your class!  You have to be in it to win it!  


Parents you can also help to earn points for your child/ren's class!  If you send a photo of your participation you too can earn points for your child/ren's class!  


Every time you complete an event email a picture or video to MISS RICHARDSON ONLY at who will be collating the results live and posting updates on our website and friends of St Peter’s page on facebook. Each picture I receive that tells me your child/ren's name/s and class I will add the correct points to your class’ total.  The class with the most points by 2:30pm will be crowned the champions!


All pictures will be posted to the website!  



Event One:   High knee on the spot.  Can you do 30 in 1 minute? 1 point for your class.



Event Two:  Sock throw into a washing basket/box/mixing bowl, how many rolled up socks can you get in the basket in 1 minute. 1 point for your class.




Event Three:  Pillowcase/Sack race one lap of your living room or garden or along your  street. 1 point for your class.



Event Four:  Egg and spoon race – one lap of your living room or garden or along your street. 1 point for your class.



Event Five:  20 Burpees challenge. 1 point for your class.



Event Six:  Hurdles – place 4 pillows 2-3 meters apart and hurdle the pillows. 1 point for your class.


These are to earn bonus points!


Bonus Event 1:                        

A picture of you eating a healthy lunch!

5 points for your class.



Bonus Event 2:                         

Fancy Dress race, one lap of your living room or garden or along your street. Any fancy dress is okay! Even homemade. 

5 points for your class.

Event 1

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High knees perfectly modelled by the children.
Can you do 30 in a minute?

Event 2

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It's a throwing event!
If you don't have equipment, you can use socks and a basket/bag.

Event 3

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It's a sack race!
If you don't have a sack, use a pillow case.
Can you race around your garden? Remember you get bonus points if you can get your family involved!

Event 4

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It's an egg and spoon race.
Make sure you don't break a real egg inside your house!

Event 5

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Its a burpee race!
How fast can you do 20?

Event 6

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It's a hurdle race!
If you haven't got hurdles, why not use pillows or cushions?
Set up a course around your garden!