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Home Learning 12th January


                                     Good Morning Reception


How are you today? 

This morning we are going to start a new story.

Have a look at the front cover below and talk to your grown-up about it.



What can you see?

Who is in the story?

What is the weather like?

Where do you think the story is set?

What do you think the story is about?

What are the dogs doing?

How many bears are there?


Now read the title with your adult. 

Look through the book (without reading) with your grown-up and talk about about what you can see and the characters in the story. 

Now read the story below. 

(Adults you can either play it or turn the sound off and read it yourself so that you can be a little more animated!)


Listen very carefully.smiley


Have you read any other stories that are similar to this one?

That is right 'Goldilocks'. 


Can you answer the questions below?


What was Aloo-ki doing at the start of the story?

What happened to her dogs?

Why did the three bears go for a walk?

Where did the three bears live?

What did Aloo-ki do inside the igloo? 

Do you think Aloo-ki should have gone into the igloo? Why?

What did the three bears find?

What happened at the end of the story? 

What were the three bears like? 

Well done Reception!

Super answers.yes









The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett: Children's Books Read Aloud on Once Upon A Story


Do not forget to join in with your phonics lesson today. yes

Mrs Martin's phonics group -11.30am

You will be looking at the digraph 'ur' today 

Miss Meacher's phonics group- 11am 

You will be looking at the diagraph 'sh' today.

Mrs Burn's phonics group -10.30am 

You will look at the sound 'm' and 'd' today.


I have added a phonics blending song for your warm up and do not forget phonics play games.yes



Phonics Blending Song CVC Words and More

   Good Afternoon Reception


Did you enjoy  the story this morning? 


This afternoon we will continue with our maths . I have added a counting song to warm up to below.

I would like you to work on your number writing and counting today.

Start off with number quick write.

Ask your grown-up to call out a number and you write it down. Make sure the numbers are the right way round and formed correctly. 

Adults some of the children are working within numbers to ten and twenty and some with numbers up to 100 (and beyond). Call out different numbers within their range for them to write down.

After number quick write I want you to do some counting. You will need some things to count.

 You can use socks, Lego, dolls, cars, crayons, or anything you like that you can move or count. 

If you do not have anything then you can draw them instead. 


Can you count 6 objects?

Can you count 16?

Can you count 12?

Can you count 10 objects?

Can you count 20 objects?

Can you count 25?

Can you count 25?

What about 30 objects? 

See how many you can count or draw.

Remember to count the objects as you move them so that you do not get in a muddle!


In your learning packs there are lots of counting sheets for you to complete. You pick one to do for today.




Big Numbers Song | Count to 100 Song | The Singing Walrus

Your last challenge for today is to continue your winter learning. Last week you were investigating and finding out about winter.

Today I would like you to remind your adult about the things you can remember about winter.

Can you find any more interesting facts about winter? 

I have added another ppt (below)for your adult to discuss with you.


Have a lovely afternoon.

Mrs Martinsmiley