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Home Learning 5th March


                                        Good morning Reception



It is Fabulous Friday 


It is also our very last day for zoom lessons because next week we are all back in class together.


Today it is dough gym and handwriting so make sure you have

your dough pots ready!


Remember if you do not have any dough you can do it on your hands like we do in class when our dough is too sticky!


If you do not make the zoom lesson I have added the song below for you to make up your own dough disco moves. 



This week we are going to work on our tall letters.

We will work on the following letters.


   t        h        k        b       d      

I have added a ppt below with the formation on to help you. 




Excellent phonics work this weekyes

Do not forget to join in with your final zoom lessons.


This weekend I would like you to focus on practising your sounds and your tricky words and make sure you know them ready for next week. 


Use your sounds mat and the tricky words below to help you.

Can you read and write them?


Mrs Martin's phonic group

Miss Meacher's phonics group

Mrs Burn's phonic group


Adults- ask the children to tell you the sounds that they see and then call them out for the children to write down. Do the same for the tricky words. 





For maths this afternoon I thought it would be nice to play some maths games. 

If you have any maths counting games at home you can play one of those. If you have snakes and ladders or number puzzles you can play one of those.

I have also added a ppt below with some maths number order revision activities on for you to do and some links to maths games.


Have fun. yes


Final challenge 

This afternoon is show and tell and time to celebrate because you have all worked extremely hard over the last few months and have been super stars on your zoom lessons. 




I would like you to think about what you are thankful for and discuss it with your adult. 


I am thankful for all of your efforts and all of your parents support. yes

I am thankful that we can all return to school on Monday to continue our learning together. smileyheart



Below is a special message for all of the Grown-ups.


Thank you so much for all of your patience, support, hard work and help.

The children have been able to continue with their learning and have accessed their lessons well.  yessmiley


I will see you all on Monday Morning at 8:50 am at the  Vicarage road entrance gates.

Do not forget to bring your big smiles. 


Have a lovley weekend and get plenty of rest.

Mrs Martin heart