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Autumn 1 Mighty Monarchs -The Tudors

Mighty Monarchs

The Tudors


In our RE lessons we have been learning about the bible and the importance it plays in the lives of Christians.

Guided Reading

We are absolutely loving reading this book in class at the moment. Bradley Chalker is such a complex character. Is he really bad, or is he just misunderstood? Will new boy Jeff and Carla the councillor be able to befriend him and help him to change his life around?


In Our music lessons we have been enjoying learning to sing the song Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. We have also been learning to play an accompaniment on the glockenspiels.

In our RE lessons we have been enjoying learning about different Holy Books and we looked at various versions of the Bible. 

We also looked at the British and Christian values and discussed how we could follow these along with passages from the bible to help us to lead a better life.

As part of our History topic we looked at the Tudor Rose and how it came about. We then had a go at drawing it and then we made our own clay models. We are very proud of the way they turned out.


Today we visited Co-op Academy Swinton for some taster lessons. We enjoyed a fun Dance lesson followed by a session by the Manchester United coaches where we learnt various ball skills.


Today we were visited by the Scientist Adrian Bowden. He performed a great workshop for us where we learnt lots of interesting facts about Forces - our Science topic for next half term. We even got to help him out with some of his fun experiments!


Today we took part in the Science of Laughter workshop. We discovered the effects of laughter and how therapeutic and good for us it is to laugh. As you can see, we laughed a lot! laugh


Today was our STEM Day (Science, technology, engineering and maths)

Our brief was to design and make a moving vehicle which was eco friendly. We decided to make wind powered vehicles. 

The things we found most tricky were making the wheels turn. We worked out that we needed to make an axel to allow the wheels to move freely. There were lots of things that didn't work at first but we didn't give up, we kept going and tried new ideas until our models finally moved. We had a really fun day.