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Autumn 1

Superhero Me!


Welcome to our amazing topic!


During this term, we will be learning more about ourselves. We will learn about our families and homes, but will also look at how amazing, unique and individual we all are! Alongside this, we will learn about real life superheroes (for example, Doctors) and we will also look at some of our favourite comic superheroes too. 


Wednesday 20th October- Superhero Day! What an exciting day we had!

Tuesday 19th October- Well done Year 1 for a super Harvest service! We are so proud of our brave readers and our fantastic singers!

Monday 18th October- Adrian Bowden's Science show!

Wednesday 13th October- Today we learnt about a real life superhero, Florence Nightingale. The children loved learning about why Florence Nightingale is a superhero, and they had lots of fun completing Florence-themed choosing activities.

Monday 11th October- Science. Today we learnt about our ears and how we can hear sounds. We played a game in teams where we listened to a sound and had to decide in teams what it was.

Friday 8th October 2021- Today we went for a walk around our local area. We all did extremely well spotting different types of houses. Well done Year 1!

Wednesday 6th October- We have started a new topic in maths today- length and mass. We had so much fun measuring our friends using our hands instead of rulers!

Parents, have a look at the PowerPoint below to find out all the information you will need to know about Year 1.

Monday 4th October- We have been having so much fun in our cricket sessions!

Monday 4th October- We were learning about greater than and less than signs today in maths. We used the greedy crocodile to help us to remember which way around the signs go!

Monday 4th October- Please find attached the spellings for this week's spelling test.

Congratulations to our Wicked Week winner, Awesome Author winner and Maths Magician winner!

Friday 1st October- Today we were introduced to 'Supertato', our new class story in literacy. We took it turns to choose a question from the middle of the circle to answer. Why don't you keep an eye on our page to see our other Supertato-themed lessons?

Wednesday 29th September- We have been learning about Pablo Picasso in our Art lessons this half term. Why don't you take a look at our fabulous portraits?

Wednesday 22nd October- We were outside today in ICT learning about giving directions. We worked in partners to give each other directions by using left, right, forwards and backwards. Why don't you take a look back at our page in a few weeks to found out how we will use this knowledge in later ICT lessons?

Monday 20th September- In literacy today we did some hot seating. Miss Derbyshire pretended to be a character from "The Paper Dolls", and everyone else had to ask some questions to find out more about the character. Some of the children then had a go at pretending to be a different character. We all did a fantastic job at thinking of interesting questions to ask!

We have been having lots of fun during choosing time in Year 1. Why don't you take a look at what we have been up to in the busy areas?

Friday 10th September- In maths today we were showing quantities using different objects in the classroom. We started to understand that numbers up to 30 are made up of tens and units.

Why don't you take a look at what last years Year 1 got up to?

All Hallow's, Halloween dress up and Wear it pink day!

Have a safe and happy half term holiday Year 1! You have all worked so hard over the last few weeks and thoroughly deserve a break.

English 21.10.20- Today, we wrote questions that we wanted to ask the main characters from our story 'Supertato'.

Maths 20.10.20- Today, we learnt about standard units for weight (grams g and kilograms kg). Then we had a go at making some biscuits. We had to weigh out the ingredients very carefully and follow instructions. Our biscuits were delicious, especially with the decorations on!

Science/Literacy 19.10.20- This afternoon, we had a go at some comprehension work. We read the text together and then split into two groups to complete challenges. Some of us did a skim and scan challenge and the others did a label and drawing challenge. We loved being comprehension ninjas!

19.10.20- This week, we have been reading, 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra.

Parents, look at our beautiful displays! We have been working really hard over the last half term, to make our classroom look beautiful.

Topic 13.10.20- Today, we went on a walk around the local area. We looked for different types of houses and discussed their features. It was lots of fun :)

English 09.10.20- Today, we looked at real life superheroes. We spent time discussing what these people do to make them heroes. After that, we wrote sentences to show our reasons why.

DT 06.10.20- The making and decorating stage of our project. Watch until the end of the slideshow, to see our AMAZING finished photo frames.

29.10.20- In our first DT lesson, we spent time researching, planning and designing our photo frames, which will hold a special picture. We discussed the reasons why people have photo frames too.

28.10.20 Maths- Today Mrs Green set some of us a challenge to match the numerals to the pictures. We were counting in 5's.

28.10.20- In our English lesson, we wrote a letter to the girl to apologise for cutting up her paper dolls.

PE- Travelling in different ways using different parts of our bodies. We had to make sure that a certain body part of our body was touching the floor. Can you guess which ones they were?