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Each day, there will be an EMA activity and an afternoon activity posted here for you to complete in your home books.


Make sure over these next few weeks you keep your brain and body active! There are lots of fun activities for you to do online. You can use your mathletics or TT Rockstars (Logins are in your reading journals). You could do some reading or writing and to keep your body active you could have a go at just dance on youtube!

Here are some useful websites: 


smiley Remember to be brave and resilient just like small Paul! smiley

Thankyou to everyone who sent in their videos!

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Good morning year 3!

Good morning everyone. Its Party day!!!!!

Can i just say thankyou to everyone, both children and your parents for everything you have done this lockdown. I know it has been difficult at times but I appreciate all of the work you have done! enjoy your 6 weeks off and if you want to email me to let me know what you have been upto then feel free! It's been lovely hearing from you all and I will look forward to seeing you all soon!



multiplication (use the grid method)

1. 4 x 13 =

2. 4 x 15 =

3. 4 x 12 =

4. 3 x 14 =

5. 3 x 11 =


17/07/20 - I've broken my bum!

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I wanted to write a poem so I really thought,

about how our time was cut quite short.

There were so many fun things we had left to do,

myself and Mrs Burns really miss you.

We have lots of memories that we could share,

it just feels like this situation isn’t fair.

But let’s not dwell on the things we can’t change,

these past few months have been really quite strange.

Instead let’s remember the fun that we had,

to have you all in my class made me quite glad.


September came and you started year three,

I saw your faces anxious but full of glee.

We started with the Stone Age and cave baby too,

this was a whole new topic for you.

We went to the forest and lived as cavemen,

we were taught how to make our very own den.

We then looked at Swinton and the history of school,

It’s a 115 years old now which is really quite cool!

We saved the environment and picked litter in the park,

The days were shorter and the mornings were dark.

Christmas came and we had so much fun,

But we came back in January because our time wasn’t done.


We learnt about the Romans and how they would fight,

and Boudicca’s battle all through the night.

We did our school assembly for everyone to see,

I cannot explain how proud that made me.

Even though your time was cut a bit shorter,

you’re all now swimmers and you’re safe in the water.

We’re all extremely proud and we cannot explain,

but through all the hard work this year you’ve helped keep us sane.

The classroom has been empty lately and full of spaces,

I can not wait to see all of your happy faces.

6 more weeks and you will all be back here,

all will be okay so have no fear!


When you’re in year 4 I will only be next door,

as time passes I will see you more and more.

Remember year 3 as you’re sat in your new class,

working hard with your English and Maths.

Myself and Mrs Burns will always be here,

to see your faces will fill us full of cheer.

So for now let’s be patient and wait a little more,

September the 7th I’ll be waiting at the door.

So long and farewell but I will see you soon,

as we pass through the eight phases of the moon.

When you’re back there will be gifts on your tables from Mrs Burns and me,

To make sure you never forget … THE LOCKDOWN OF YEAR 3




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This afternoon I am going to give you a free choice. You can either continue with your letter to Miss Richardson or if you want, in our topic, we couldn't visit every country. Lots of children in our class have friends or family (or even themselves) who are from different countries around the world! Maybe you would like to do a holiday brochure from a country your family are from? 


If like me, all your family are from England, you can either create a brochure for somewhere in England or you could chose a country you like the look of or where you've been on holiday and write about there! You might even have family who are from a different part of England which you would like to write about.



As you are all aware this is our last week of online learning. Come September you will be going into year 4 with Miss Richardson and Mrs Gardner. It would be lovely if you could write them a short letter just to tell them a little bit about yourself. Why not tell them what you have been upto during lockdown. How have you kept yourself busy? What are your favourite things to do and whats your favourite lesson in school? You could tell them your favourite memory of school so far and what you're looking forward too. 


If you email these over I can show them to Miss Richardson and Mrs Gardner




You are going to create your brochure for our final place today! Persuade me or someone else to visit Asia! smiley




Good afternoon geographers. We are looking at a new continent today called Asia. Below is the link so as always have a go at the questions today then why not do some further research about each country! Tomorrow we will be making our final brochure. It has been great to see your answers on the TED website and where your favourite place is, which we have visited.

10/07 - Spelling Quiz

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10/07 - The first hippo on the Moon

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03/07/20 Story time - Meerkat Mail

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26/06/20 Story time "How to catch a star"

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Story time 19/06

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The night the stars went out

Story time 12/06

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Rocket to the moon!

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Ellie - London

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Ellie telling us all about some great attractions in London

Some more home learning pictures! :)

Some great work sent in over the weekend from Charlie P and Maya

Great work sent in by Maya, Luke and Aura

Some more great work from Maya and Leigh!

Some fantastic work emailed in by Charlie P, Ophelia, Leigh and Maya. Well done to you all :)

Luke, Taran and Maya - WOW! what lengths you've gone to on your Egyptian writing! I am very proud of you all. Have a great weekend!

A huge happy birthday to Taran for last week. He has sent some pictures in where he did a bit of planting and playing on his bike and in the pool. From everyone at St Peters, we're glad you had a great birthday!

Some fantastic work from half term and the first week - Maya and Yvonne

Friday show and tell - Maya , Charlie, Lexie, Ellia, Leigh. Well done to everyone!

Friday show and tell - Luke, Charlie, Aref, Leigh and Taran

Small Paul