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Hello year 3, so we are back again in lockdown but not to worry because we have done it all before and we can do it again! I will post up our timetable here everyday and as the days go by you will begin to follow it and it will become very clear. It will be very similar to last time but the only difference is that we will only have the one zoom lesson at 10:30 and that will last for 40 minutes.


The zoom lesson will explain all your work but will most likely focus on one particular subject and that will be whatever the focus is for that day. the majority of the work will be over google classroom but if it isn't I will post it on the school website so when you check the timetable, you will see that too. smiley 


This will be updated everyday so make sure you check back daily. Also, please, if you want an immediate response email me because I wont get notifications over google classroom so I won't be able to help you.



EMA (class website)

English (google classroom)

Maths (google classroom)

R.E (google classroom)

Art (Class website)



Zoom will be at 10:30am everyday!

28/01/21 - EMA

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After looking so much at the Nothing to see here hotel, I thought it would be fun to draw our own monster! There is a good step by step video here to create a monster but if you would rather choose your own video then feel free! smiley

Chapter 11 & 12


P.E with Joe has started again. I will attach the link for you to have a go this afternoon. If you want to put on some just dance to keep active you are more than welcome too but the whole point is to get your body moving and get you feeling active!



Click on the most recent date!

Chapter 9 & 10 reading

Dazzling Darren


Head over to the Dazzling Darren youtube page where there will be a video of some magical maths!


Have a look at Dazzling Darrens website. There is a sheet for you to print here and he explains what his magic trick will be. Don't worry if you can't print it. You can write the numbers down it says but make sure you're ready for 2:30!

This weeks fantastic art work

Handwriting / diary

Carry on with your diary from last week. Write down what you've enjoyed this week and what's been going on. Keep these in a safe place and write in them every week. smiley

At home light experiment!

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Chapter 7 & 8

Reading - Chapter 5 & 6

Reading - Chapter 3 and 4

A few of the fantastic art work

Reading 1 & 2- look at school videos for Mr Stevenson reading