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Home Learning 25th February


                                                   Good Morning Reception heart


This morning I would like you to start with your tricky words warmup. 

Can you read the tricky words below to your grown-up? 

Can you spell them? 


it     in    is    an     into    so     he     no   me    be    to    we   she   and   the    my     you     was     her    your    have    are    all 


This morning we are going to write a countdown poem about our pet dragons. We are going to think about each part of th dragon and use it to help us write our poem. We will need to use adjectives to help us to.

Look at the poem below.


Can you see how it counts down and uses different parts of the dragons body to make up the poem?


I have added a sheet below to help you write your poem. 

I have started your poem at five but if you want to start at a different number that is fine.yes





Do not forget to join in with your phonics lesson today.

Mrs Martin's phonics group -11.30am

You will be revisiting phase three sounds.

Miss Meacher's phonics group- 11am

You will be looking at the diagraph  'ar'  and 'or'  this week.

Mrs Burn's phonics group -10.30am

You will look at the sound  'h'  and 'b' this week.


 I have added your phonic warm up song below.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

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Good Afternoon Reception 

This morning I would like you to start with your number warm up.


Can you complete my missing numbers from the number lines below?

Adults- this is just a warmup so the children do not need to write them down they can just tell you.



Maths challenge


We are going to continue with positional language work today.

Look at the images below and tell your grown-up the position of each object. 

Look at the ppt and discuss the position of teddy with your grown-up

Final challenge is a music challenge this afternoon. 


This afternoon is the zoom music lesson at 1.20pm


Have fun!yes

Mrs Martin