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Home Learning 11th January



                               Good Morning Receptionsmiley


Did you have a nice weekend?

What did you get up to?


On Monday we normally talk to each other about our weekend and what we have been getting up to. We will talk about it on our zoom this morning. If you do not manage to join in zoom then please talk to your adult about your weekend.

What did you do? 

Did you stay home and play with your toys? If so, what toys did you play with?

Did you go to the park or play in the garden?

Did you go to the shops?

Did you watch something on the television?

Did you go for a walk or have a dance in the house?

Have you been baking?

Once you have discussed it with your adult you are going to write about your weekend like we would normally do.

Remember your magic toolkit.

Start with your capital letter, finger spaces after each word and then a full stop at the end. Don't forget your best writing and try to keep you letters on the lines (if you have lines on your paper).


Have a lovely Morning

Mrs Martin x


We are very lucky to have Mrs Burns working from home for the next few weeks. She will be doing your zoom phonic sessions so make sure you join in for the correct phonic lesson.


This means we can teach you your phonics at the level you are working at which is amazing!  

Your learning packs are ready to collect this morning and they have a whiteboard and pen is so that you can do you phonics along with Mrs Burns.


Phonics times are:

10.30am- Mrs Burn’s group phonics lesson (phase 2)

11.00am Miss Meacher’s groups phonics lesson (phase 3)

11.30am Mrs Martin’s group phonic lesson. (phase3)

The lessons start today!


At the end of the week, I will put a phonics challenge on for each group based on what you have been learning in phonics that week (a bit like your phonics homework you get on a Friday). Make sure you join in as lessons will be short and cover different aspects to phonics that we would normally cover each lesson.


I will put on a brief description of the sounds you will be covering just in case you do not manage to join in the phonics zoom but I will only be putting work related to it on a Friday.

Today you will be recapping on previous work and Mrs Burn’s will be finding out if you have remembered the sounds so it will be a recap.


I have added the tricky words song below for you to join in with and do nott forget the phonics games on phonics play. It is now free for the lockdown period.yes




Tricky Words and Sight Words Song


Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To


                                                        Good Afternoon Reception


How did you get on this morning? 


Today I would like you to look at my numbers in my number lines.

Do you know what is wrong with them? 

That is right, they are all in a muddle!surprise

 Your challenge is put them in the right order.yes

They do not all start at one so you will need to find the smallest number and then order form there.  Tricky!



 14 15 13 17 12 11 16 20 18 19 

The smallest number is 11 

so to put it in order it would be;  

11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20


2  1  5  6  3  4  8  7

4  5  3  7  2  1  6  10  8  9

1  5  4  3  2

6  7  4  3  5 8

4  7  6  5  9  8  3


12  10  11  15  16  13  14

18  12  17  13  15  14  16 19

20  13  18  15  14  17  19  16

10  8  1  4  6  5  2  7  3  9

11 8 7 5 4 10 6 9


19  23  20  21  25  27  22  24  26 

33 32 35 37 31 34 36

24  23  27  28  30  25  26  29


97   100   96   98   93   94   95   99

88   85   82   80   81   84   83   86   87



 Just pick the ones your child can do. There are a mix of questions for different children in the class. Please do not think you will need to do them all. The children are all working with different numbers in class, so I have put a mix on here.  In class we would have these on cards or cut out so the children could physically order them and then just record a few on paper .

Please pick the best way for you and your child.


I have also added a link to the Top marks caterpillar ordering game. Click on the link or type in Top marks  caterpillar ordering.

Then click on the sequencing icon and pick the number range. 


Good Luck !

Love from Mrs Martin x



Creative Challenge




For your final challenge this afternoon I would like you to create a winter hat and scarf picture.


You can paint it, draw it or make a collage. (There is a template in your home learning pack).

There is one rule, they must have a pattern on them just like when we designed Christmas wrapping.yes 

Can you make a repeating pattern?

They could be stripy, have hearts or spots on, They could have snowflakes or zigzags.

Make sure the hat has the same pattern as the scarf.

Have a look at the ideas below.

Have a lovely afternoon.

Mrs Martin x