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Home Learning 4th March


                                        Good Morning Reception 





How are you this morning? 

Did you manage to dress up as a book character?

If not, what character would you have liked to have been? 

What character are you?

The teachers have made a little challenge for you.

If you go on to the school videos section on the webpage you will find it.  The quiz answer sheet is on the word document below if you need it.   

Good Luck! yessmiley


The teachers have all recorded the story

'We're going on a bear hunt' for you to listen to.


Can you guess which bear is me? 

Which bear is Miss Meacher? 

Which bear is Mrs Burns? 

Do you know which bear is any of the other teachers in school? 




This morning I would like you to start with your sounds mat.

Do you know the letter names? 

Can you say them to your grown-up?


   S         A         T         P          I        N         M        D         O        G          C          K         E           U         R         H       B         F        L                    J         V          Z          W         X         Y  


As it is world book day today we would normally be doing something a little different. 


Can you guess the story?

Look at the  pictures below and see if you can tell your grown up the name of the story? 




How many did you know? yes


Books are wonderful and we always enjoy sharing them in class. Today I would like you to share a story. 

You can share it with your grown-up, your teddy bears or your brother or sister.         


If you do not have any story books at  home then you can ask your grown-up to find it on you tube for you. 



Can you change your voice for different characters? 


Today I would like you to pick your activity.

You can  complete one of the following challenges

(or more if you wish).


Challenge 1

You could make a reading den to read or share your story. 

Look at the images below for some ideas.

Make as cosy as you can with cushions, pillows, and blankets. 

Then start reading.  



 Challenge 2


Complete the quiz below


Start by looking at the ppt (below) and completing the quiz below. Can you name the story book characters?

Can you draw your favourite story book character and write about them? 



Challenge 3

I want you to think about your favourite story. 

What is it?

Why do you like it? 

What happens in the story? 

Who are the characters? 

What is your favourite part of the story? 

Who is your favourite character? 


Once you have shared your story can you draw a picture of it  and write about it. 


 My favourite story is .............

It is about .......................

I like  ...............


I have added a book cover worksheet below for you. 


Challenge 4 

If you dressed up as a book character today then draw a picture of yourself (in your costume) and some sentences to describe who you are and what you do. 


I am Winnie the witch. 

I have a magic wand.

I like to do magic but it always goes wrong. 

I have a black cat called Wilbur. 

Challenge 5


Creative activities


You can act out your favourite story.

Make a book mark.

Make some character puppets. 

Create a setting for your story. 

Design a new book cover. 

Do some story themed baking. 

Make a potato character.



Click on the pdf below for the digital library (image below).

You can pick a story to share. 



Mrs Martin's phonics group   11.30am


This week we are looking at phase four.

Tricky words   some   come  


Miss Meacher's phonics group  11.00am

This week we are revising all previous sounds

Tricky words   was and  my


Mrs Burn's phonics group  10.30 am 


This week  we are looking at l, f  phonemes and ll, ff, ss digraphs.

Tricky words  no go 

Good Afternoon Reception




Start with your number quick write. 

Adults can you shout out a mixture of different numbers from 1-30 and ask the children to write them down on their own.

Some of the children know their numbers beyond one hundred so you could put a few of those in too!


I would like you to order  my number  lines below. They are all muddled up.

Can you put them back in the right order? 


They all start at different numbers so you will have to find the smallest number first. yes




12   10   11    15    13    16    14   

10 is the smallest number so.

10   11    12    13   14   15   16 

This will be the correct order.




5    2     1     0   3    4   6 


12   1 0    6    9     7    8   11


15   20    13   12   14    16   17    19  18


10    13    12     11    9    16   15   14 


16   18    17    2 0  15   21   19    22


25     21      22     19     20     23      2 4 


28      25    26     27    23    30   24    29    


Is it too easy?

Try my tricky challenge below.


Challenge   Very Tricky! cheeky


89     82     88     87     85    90    84     81    83      86


65    61    62    64    67   63    66   68


45   40    41     47    42     43     46    44


90      95      94     91    97    92     93      96


101   98   95    100      97     99    96  

Worksheet (same as above)

Final Challenge 

1.15pm-2pm  Music 

Remember to join in with your music this afternoon. 
I was so impressed last week when I saw you all working hard, trying and even being very brave to show your talents off to others. yeslaugh



Have a lovely afternoon

Mrs Martin yesheart