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Children Isolating Nov/Dec 2021



Hi Reception, 


I hope you are well, happy and smiley

I know you cannot be in school with us at the moment because you have to stay at home. 

I have added some work below for you to keep you busy.

It is the same we are doing in class so you will not miss anything.

Keep safe, keep smiling.laugh

Love from Mrs Martin heart

Parents/ Carers, 

Below are a range of activities linked to our learning for the first half of this term.  We start the morning with name writing and a bit of a warm up phonic and number flash cards. 


Below are some links and websites to help you


Phonics play

You can play phonic games on  the phonics play website


Top marks is a great maths website with lots of activities and games on to play


Watch alphablocks – initial sounds and cvc building 

Watch number blocks to develop number sense


Letters and sounds daily phonics Reception

Look on you tube for letters and sounds daily phonic lessons for  phase 2

Type in  to you tube letters and sounds for home lesson 7,8, 9, 10, 11, 12 etc or use the address below.


n sound 

(see web address below)

 m sound

d sound

0 sound

g sound   part 1   part 2





You can join oxford owl for reading books to share with your child.


Shala books

This is an amazing cvc reading book for the children to use to help them when they are beginning to build simple words. Please look at the website below.




Daily warm up activity


Practise writing your full name (first and last)

Sing along and learn the days of the week song. (see link)

Discuss the days-

What day is it today?

What day was it yesterday?



We will be investigating: 

s      a       t      p      i    n   m    d  o   g   c   k   e  u  r

sounds and finding objects that begin with the sounds. We will work on writing the sounds and playing I spy. We will go on a sounds hunt to find things that begin with each sound and match them to the correct letter. 

We will use the sounds to build words for reading like; at, sat, sit, pin, nip, tin, pat, pan.


Phonic songs 

See link below for phonic songs




This half term we will be covering a few mini topics.  OUr first topic is

'all things autumn'. We will be investigating autumn. 



I have added some work below for when you are feeling better so that you can keep up with the class learning. yes


We will be reading the story 'Squirrels autumn search'

(see link below or type in the web address below)

We will be reading the story 'Leaf Man' 

(see link below or type in the web address below)

We will be reading 'Squirrels busy day'

(see link below or type in the web address below)



Literacy challenges


Can you read or listen to the story 'squirrels busy day'.

What was squirrel collecting? 

What did he use to collect them in? 

Who did he meet? 

Where were they?

What happened to the handle on the wagon.

Where did the acorns go?

Where did they find the acorns? 

Who helped squirrel? 

What signs of autumn can you find in the story? 


Can you draw a picture of the animals that helped squirrel and try to use your phonics label them? 

Maths challenges 


We will be continuing our counting sills and number knowledge this half term. We will begin to use tens frames to count and find relationships between numbers. We will work on our counting and writing numbers as well as looking at numbers on a number line. We will be ordering numbers and completing number sequences.

We will find missing numbers on a number line. 



Knowledge and Understanding of the world


What can you find out about autumn? 

What do the animals do? 

What is the weather like? 

What do we do? 

Are there any special celebrations in autumn?

Can you find out about harvest?


Expressive Art and Design 


What autumn crafts can you make? 

Can you make a leaf man picture? 

Can you draw or paint an autumn tree? 


Can you make an fork printing hedgehog? 


Can you make a jack o lantern with your grown-up? 



Physical development

Can you work on your fine motor skills and develop your pencil control and grip skills?


Can you work on your letter formation and your number formation? 



    Our next topic will be about Night Time.



We will  investigate night and day, find out about what happens at night, find out about nocturnal animals and the different jobs peole do whilst we are sleeping.

We will learn about light, light sources and shadows. 



Knowledge and Understanding 


Can you find out about night time? 

What happens at night? 

What do we do at night? 

What do the animals do at night? 

How can we see at night? 

What are shadows? 

Can you draw some night time animals ? 




              Expressive Art and Design 


Can you make a night time picture? 

You could make a night sky or houses at night.

You could make a nocturnal animal picture.