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Home Learning 29th January



                                 Good Morning Reception   


This morning we are going to do a sounds warm up and then dough gym.


Do not worry if you do not have dough, you can just do it on your hands like we have to do  when our dough is too sticky!



Don't forget show and tell on zoom this afternoon. yes




This morning I would like you to work on your handwriting. There are some booklets in your home learning packs for those of you that print.

If you do cursive writing in school make sure you try to do your letters in cursive.


     Handwriting today


    c    k    e    u     r 


Well done everybody yes


I have added the ppt to show you how to form your letters properly.



This week in phonics you have been doing an amazing job.

A big WELL DONE to everyone.yes


My phonics group you have been looking at the trigraph 'air' and '

'ure' trigraph. 

I have added a document below with your phonics work on.


Miss Meacher's phonics group you have been looking at the digraphs 'ng' and 'ai' I have added a sheet below for you. 



Mrs Burn's phonics group you have been looking at your previous sounds and focusing on 

'c' and 'k' this week.


I have added your sheet below with your phonics work on. 

  Good Afternoon Reception


How are you this afternoon?


This afternoon I would like you to warm up with your number recognition work. I have added a video below for you to warm up with. 


We have been looking at 3D shapes this week.


I would like you to see if you can remember the names of the 3D shapes. 

Look at the work below or download the worksheet. Can you label the 3D shapes? 



Don't forget to have a look at Dazzling Darren and his

magic maths show at 2.30pm.


Have fun.

Mrs. Martinsmiley



The Big Numbers Song

Final challenge

 I would like you to think about what you are proud about this week and about what you are thankful for. 


Have a lovely weekend. laugh

Keep smiling and keep safe.heart

Love from Mrs. Martin