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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

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Welcome parents, carers and children to the Class 6 page.  We have been learning about lots of exciting things........  


We spent a great day in Stockport visiting the Air Raid Shelters and Stockport Story Museum.  The children and staff were all dressed up as evacuees and they looked amazing!

Micro Organisms

In Science, we investigated which conditions were best for micro organisms to grow.  The children placed the slices of bread in different conditions and we observed the bread over the next few weeks.



Week 1


We found that extreme heat from the boiler killed micro organisms and so no mould grew. 


The low temperatures in the fridge put the micro organisms to sleep.  While the bread was in the fridge there was very little growth but once we brought it in to the classroom the mould quickly grew. 


It didn't seem to matter if the bread was in a light place or a dark place, the mould still grew. 


The control slice of bread, which no one had touched, stayed mould free the longest. 


We were lucky to receive a visit from Warburton's Bakery.  The children learnt all about healthy meals, they even got to make their own healthy sandwich.  

In science we tested different surfaces to see which produced the most friction. 


It was great to see so many parents in class for our Caribbean morning.  The children smelt, touched, drew and eventually tasted the some of the fruits and vegetables.  Thank you! no
During our World of Work Week we were lucky enough to have lots of parent telling us about their jobs.  Thank you very much for taking the time out to tell the children about your interesting occupations: social worker, nurse, Pest control officer and Librarian.  The children loved it, thank you very much.

Arithmetic Questions

Don't forget to log into Mathletics for quick maths questions! frown