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Home Learning 23rd February


                                        Good Morning Reception 


How are you today? 


This morning we are going to start with our digraph and trigraph warm up. 

Look at the digraphs and trigraphs below and read  them to your grown-up.

     ss   ll    ff    ck    qu    ng    ai    ee    sh     

     oa     th    ch     ow     oo     ar   or   ur

        ar   oi     igh   ear    air   ure 


I had an interesting letter in the post this morning.

Can you guess who it was from? 


It was from the dragon that left the egg in our classroom. 

Ask your grown-up to read it to you. 



It is lovely to hear from the dragon and see a picture of the baby dragon that we looked after.

I thought we would continue our learning over the next few weeks and find out a little bit more about dragons. 


Challenge 1: Can you think of a name for the dragon? 

Challenge 2: What would you do if you had a dragon? 


Today I thought we would think about what we would do if we had a dragon. 

Where would you go? 

What would you do? 

Read the story ppt or watch the clip (below) with your grown-up and imagine you had your very own dragon. Then write some sentences to explain what you would do with your dragon. 


Do not forget your magic toolbag to help you. 

Remember capital letters, finger spaces, conjunctions, adjectives and full stops. 


Me and my Dragon



Cancelled today  - I have added your pictures to this page and also to a word document (belwo).


My phonics group


Before we start phase four phonics we will continue to review previous digraphs and trigraphs. 

Look at the images below and sound them out. Can you read them to your grown-up? 

Can you write the words for each picture? 


Can you write some sentences or questions about four of the pictures above? 

You could put a couple together in one sentence. 

Example-  Can a shark get in a car? 

                 Can a clown do tricks on a ladder?

                  A cow and a goat live on a farm. 




Miss Meacher's phonic group

We will be revisiting your previous sounds today.

Can you sound talk the words below with your grown-up?

Can you write the words for each picture? 


Can you pick two pictures and write a sentence, caption or question about it. 

Example- A ship can sail.

                Can a chick swim in the bath? 



Mrs Burn's phonics group

Can you write the sounds you hear  to label the pictures below?

Good Afternoon Reception


Have you had a good morning? 


I would like you to start the afternoon by warming up with the song below. 

You will need to make up your own exercise movements.

Learning to Count | Count to 120 and Exercise | Brain Breaks | Kid's Songs | Jack Hartmann

Help your children practice counting to 120, and get some great exercise, too, with this super catchy counting to 120 and exercising song. Count to 120 and E...

Maths challenge


For your maths today we are going to review 1 more and 1 less (fewer) than. 

Can you complete the warm up activity below?

You can just point or tell your grown-up or you can print it out and do the activity. 


Tick the one with more (many).



Tick the one with less (fewer)



Worksheet same as above

Can you identify 1 more and 1 less than a given number? 

Answer the questions below.


Adults pick the ones that the children are able to do (the numbers they know and are working at).

I have also added a link to a game on topmarks for you to play on.



Numbers up to 10




Numbers up to 20



Numbers up to 100



Final challenge 



This afternoon I would like you to do a little bit of exercise and get outdoors if you can. 

Have a look at the images below.

Can you complete them?



Have Fun!

Mrs. Martin