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Spring 2 - Amazing Australia

Amazing Australia

Sweet DNA

We looked at how we can inherit some of our characteristics from our parents through genetics and how some are a product of our environment.  


Using sweets, the children made their own DNA strands.


Tuesday 1st March 2022


The children created maps of Australia using playdough and labelled the states.  

18th March 2022

Greening Swinton Square

This morning, we teamed up with Groundworks to look at the diversity of wildlife and plant life around the precinct.  The children then designed their own green areas using the ideas that Groundworks have planned for Swinton Square.  In a few months, we will return to see if the wildlife has increased once the precinct has had the living walls planted.  

Sport Relief Golden Mile


This afternoon, we joined Nursery for our Golden Mile!

Easter Eggstravaganza