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Spring 2 - Amazing Australia

Amazing Australia

Monday 8th March 2021


As part of our Amazing Australia topic, the children made 3D maps of Australia using play dough.  They labelled the 6 states and 2 territories.

Monday 22nd March 2021


Between 1831 and 1836, Charles Darwin discovered that the finches living on the Galapagos Islands had different shaped beaks; they had adapted to the food available on their own island and evolved. We experimented with different beak shapes and found that certain beaks were definitely better suited to pick up particular foods. 


Aboriginal Art


After researching Aboriginal art and the techniques used in their paintings, the children designed their own pieces.  They included Aboriginal symbols and used dots like they had seen in the artwork. 

Tuesday 30th March 2021


Laura and Matt from Manchester United visited us this morning.  We took a virtual tour of the museum and stadium and discussed racism in sport and what United are doing to try to combat it.

We enjoyed an active session with Matt on our heart and lungs.  Our bodies needed more oxygen after aerobic exercise and our heart rates rose. 

Using iMovie, the children created film trailers for a new Hollywood blockbuster all about the Easter Story!  Click on the cross below Harry’s to view all the trailers. 


Still image for this video