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Home Learning 4th February


Online first readers- daily reading resource

Please see the link below or google  shala books online reading for a great reading resource that has some good early reading books for the children to read using their phonic knowledge.

Good Morning Reception


I hope you slept well smiley


This morning I would like you to continue with your polar bear and Arctic learning. 


Can you remember some interesting facts about polar bears? 

Share them with your grown-up.


True or False? 


Polar bears are small.

Polar bears have black skin.

Polar bears live in the jungle.

Polar bears have a big head.

Polar bears can swim. 


We are going to continue to work on our reading and comprehension skills. 

Have a look at the comprehension below can you read the information with your grown-up and answer the questions? Some of the answers are tricky. You will need to think about what the answer could be as the information may not tell you. 


I have added it to a worksheet below if you prefer.







How did you get on with that? 


If you would like to continue to work on your reading and comprehension skills, there is a polar bear comprehension below for each group to try.

Have fun!

Good Afternoon Reception 


We have been busy solving some addition sums this week and I would like you to continue to work on your addition.


Have a look at the image below. 

Do you know what is missing? 

Can you help me write the number sentence? 



Now can you work it out? 


Let's try another one.



Today I would like you to write down the number sentences and then work out the answers.

I have added an interactive dice addition game below and the sheets if you prefer to do those instead.  




You can use the link below, type in rolling dice on topmarks or click on the link below.



Final Challenge-

Time to get up and moving. I have added a new cosmic yoga for you, or you can do your own exercise. You can dance, run, ride your bike/scooter, jump, hop or bounce.

Pedro the Penguin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Have fun!

Mrs. Martin laugh