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Home learning 9th February


                                             Good Morning Receptio


Happy Tuesday! 

How are you today? 


This morning we will start with our digraph and trigraph sounds warm up.

Tell your adult the sound and the letter name of each one below.


     ss   ll    ff    ck    qu    ng    ai    ee    sh     

       oa     th    ch     ow     oo     ar   or   ur

        ar   oi     igh   ear    air   ure 






This morning when I arrived at school, I was really shocked to find the classroom in a big mess! 


The tables were on the floor, the whiteboard and toy boxes were all knocked over and there were toys everywhere.

At first, I did not know what had happened.   


I started to tidy up and then I found something underneath all of the mess. 


                 Look what I found!






Today you have two challenges. 


Challenge 1:

I would like you to do some predicting.

Discuss the questions (below) with your grown-up. 

What do you think it is?  

Where do you think it came from?

How did it get into our classroom?

Who might have left it in our classroom?

Do you think there is something inside it?

What could be inside?

What hatches out of eggs?

What are we going to do with it? 

How are we going to look after it? 

How will we keep it warm?


Today I would like you to write some sentences to describe the egg and what you think is inside it. 


The egg is .............. and ................ with ................

I think there is a ....................................... inside it. 



Remember your magic toolbag. 

Do not forget your capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. We will also need to dig deep in your bag because we will be able to use some adjectives (describing words) in your sentences too.


Challenge 2:

I want you to imagine you have found your own egg and I want you to design  your own egg. It can have patterns, be multicoloured, spotted or have stripes. 


Here are a few ideas. 




Once you have completed your challenges you could watch the story below about someone else that found an egg. It might give you some ideas to help you this week with your learning.

Have fun!  yes






The Egg by M. P. Robertson

Below is a story about an egg that a little boy found.
Watch it and discuss it with your grown-up.
It might give you a few ideas to help you with your learning this week.



Don't forget your phonics daily reading using - shala 


Start with your warm up song below


Mrs Martin's group 

This week you are revising all previous sounds and focusing on those tricky trigraphs 

ear   air   and   ure

Tricky word spellings - your  have  some

Mrs Meacher's group

This week you will look at the digraphs oa and oo. 

Tricky word spellings - was and my

Mrs Burn's group

This week you will look at the u and r sound.

Tricky word spellings    and     to    be

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To


 Good Afternoon Reception 


How are you? 


This afternoon we are going to continue with our normal Monday number work. 

Start with your warm up numbers song and your flash cards recognition and order.

Can you tell your adults the numbers below? 


    5     12       17      10     21    13   3      2       29       15     20     12   54      38       29      34       67   30   82      85      50    100     23   11    18             7      102     108    113


Once you have done your number warm up I would like you to continue with your addition work.

Look at my number sentences and picture sums below.



Can you match the sentence to the picture and write the answer?



Can you work out the answer and match it to the correct sum?

Leopards and Toucans


Can you work out the answer and match it to the correct sum?

Crocodiles, Monkeys and Elephants.




Final Challenge



Today is safer internet day.

It is really important that the children know how to stay safe when they are playing games, watching videos or finding out information.

In school we visit the topic often throughout lessons and topics. 

I have added Buddy's ppt for you to read through and discuss. There is also a leaflet with  some information for grown-ups on too!




Chinses New Year challenge


Can you eat noodles or spaghetti with chopsticks? 

In class we would be using chopsticks to try and eat our noodles. If you do not have chopsticks, then you could use straws. If you do not fancy eating noodles maybe you could try the challenge below.


Have a lovely afternoon. 

Mrs. Martin heart