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Supporting a child with Speech and Language

At St Peter's we use a range of speech and language tools to help identify and areas of need and to support children in developing their speech and language skills.





We assess all children on entry to our Nursery class, where appropriate, this then produces a profile for each child and we then begin delivering specific interventions/activities to maximise progress.


The WellCOMM screening tool also enables us io identify and learning needs so they can be monitored and referred to Speech and Language Therapy service if needed.




As a school we also use communication friendly strategies in our lessons.  We also use an ELKLAN screening tool in our Reception class.  This is called BLANK Levelling.  This breaks down the different types of questions adults can use in the classroom.  It starts at Blank level 1 and moves to the final level of Blank level 4.


Below are images that show the different levels of questions.

Here are some examples of questions for each of the Blank levels.