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Children isolating February 2022

Hi Reception, 

I hope you are well, happy and smiley

I know you cannot be in school with us at the moment because you have to stay at home. 

I have added some work below for you to keep you busy.

It is the same we are doing in class so you will not miss anything.

Keep safe, keep smiling.smiley

Love from Mrs Martin 




Daily warm up activity


Practise writing your full name (first and last)

Sing along and learn the days of the week song. (see link)


Discuss the days-

What day is it today?

What day was it yesterday?


Parents/ Carers, 

Below are a range of activities linked to our learning for the first half of this term.  We start the morning with name writing and a bit of a warm up phonic and number flash cards. 


Below are some links and websites to help you


Phonics play

You can play phonic games on  the phonics play website


Top marks is a great maths website with lots of activities and games on to play


Watch alphablocks – initial sounds and cvc building 

Watch number blocks to develop number sense


Letters and sounds daily phonics Reception

Look on you tube for letters and sounds daily phonic lessons for  phase 2 and 3




My phonics group are working on phase three digraphs- ch  sh  th, ng, ai,


Mrs Johnson - phonics

You are working on phase two and three  phonemes  w, x, y, z, and beginning  digraphs zz and qu. 

Look on you tube at the following daily letters and sounds phonic lessons.


It is really important that the children work on the above sounds and use them to build simple sentences.

After each lesson ask the children to write a simple sentence using some of the words shown in the clips. 

E.G. A pig in a wig or I can Zip up my top. 


Mrs Oakes- Phonics 

You are working on phase two sounds. This week you have been looking at c, k, and digraph ck and e.

Go onto the following daily letters and sounds lessons for them.





This week we have started a new story

Have a look at the front cover (before reading the title).



What animal is in the picture?

What is the weather like?

Where is the polar bear?

How is the bear feeling?

What colour is the sky?

What do you think the story is ​going to be about? why?

What is the bear thinking? ​why?


Before you read the story 

Your challenge for today is to do a bit of predicting.

I would like you to draw a polar bear and write what you think the story will be about or what will happen in the story. 



I think the story is about a baby polar bear that gets lost in the snow. 


Once you have completed your work, I would like you to read the story with your adult.

I have added the you tube link below for you to read the story with your grown up.  




Task two, day two.


read the story again with your grown up.


Once you have read the story, I would like you to think about the snow animals that the cloud made in story. 
Can you remember them all? 

We are going to be labelling the animals from the story today. 

Remember to stretch your words so that you hear all of the sounds. 

Challenge three days three and four


Can you put them in order to retell the story? 


Today we are going to retell the story in order. 


Crocodiles, Monkeys and Elephants

We will use the word  first, next, then, after that and finally to help us sequence the story.



First the snow cloud made a  ........ for the polar bear to play with.


 Next it made a ........ for the polar bear ........



Toucans and Leopards


Can you order the pictures and write a sentence about the story?


Example- The snow cloud made some friends for the polar bear.


In maths we will continue to develop writing our numbers and putting numbers in order.

We will fill in missing numbers on a number line and use a number line to find one more and one less than. 


Please use the topmarks sequencing and more and less games to help. 

Chinese New Year  


This week in school we would be learning about Chinese New Year. 

The Chinese calendar changes for a different animal each year and there are twelve in total.

 I have added the story of the great race below for you so that you can find out how each year was named after a different animal.


Once you have read it, I would like you to draw, write or cut out, the animals and put them in the order they were placed in the race.

I have added some links to videos for you to watch the story.



We will be making lanterns, drawing and making dragons and tigers and we will be eating noodles with chopsticks.

Can you make any Chinese New year crafts? 

Have a look at the image below. 

Which one can you do?