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Summer 1

Ancient Egypt


We are going to jump back in time to one of the most fascinating periods in history and the mystery of the Pyramids. What was life like as an ancient Egyptian and what would life be like as a pharaoh? We will look at how the Egyptians farmed and why they built their life around the river Nile. In our science topic we will be looking at gardens and plants


26/05/21 - Class trip

This was our first class trip of Year 3 and what a trip it was! We managed to expeirence things way beyond what we would in a classroom. We saw 4,000 year old mummys, mummified somebody at the museum, created a timeline all the way back to Ancient Egypt and saw artefacts dating back to the early Egyptians!


We learnt so much as a class and we all got involved, answering questions and asking questions. We even got to go in a replica tomb to visit a mummy and there are only 3 of them in the world! We had a great time and it was a perfect way to bring our Egyptian topic to a close. 


This week we have been working hard and looking at dividing numbers using a number line. We loved going back swimming again now the pool is open! This week in Science we have been disecting a flower and labeling the different parts.


This week in science, we have been investigating how water travels through a stem and we managed to change the colour of different flowers. We had lots of fun making a Mummy out of our friends too. We set up our very own glamourous mummy service where we have written a set of instructions to persuade you to use our Mummification service!


Carrying on with our health and wellbeing this week. We have had two fun sporty days! Cricket and Quidditch.


It's not all sports and games though because we have been working hard on finishing our Ancient Egyptian display! We have written our own heiroglyph messages and written a setting description based on an ancient pyramid.


We had a great first week back and the highlight was definitely the Friday. The children loved going back swimming we even managed to get some scooting in during the afternoon!