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Summer 1


The children have had a great week this week learning about long division and finishing our setting descriptions. The highlight of our week was the school trip to the museum where we were able to see a real Mummy! Before our trip we learnt all about the mummification process and even made our own 3D canopic jars using clay.


This week we have been learning about all things division! Dividing with remainders and chunking! In English we have started our setting descriptions after learning all the skills and our work is fantastic! In our afternoon lessons we have been creating a fact file about the River Nile as well as learning about plants in Science. We are looking forward to our trip to the Egyptian museum next week!


Another great week in school this week where we have continued to look at the Egyptians in our topic lessons. This half term for Art, we are making a 3D model so today we started with shape nets and had a go at putting together out own pyramids and sarcophagus from a ready made shape net. We also started our new Tutankhamun song in music!


The Children have enjoyed their first week back for the Summer term. This week we have been recapping addition and subtraction methods and looking at the Inverse. We have also started our new topics in the afternoon. During our English lessons we have been looking at the Egyptians and we are learning the skills to write a setting description for Tadeo Jones.

We even had a visit from a Lancashire Cricket Club coach this week!

Ancient Egypt


We are going to jump back in time to one of the most fascinating periods in history and the mystery of the Pyramids. What was life like as an ancient Egyptian and what would life be like as a pharaoh? We will look at how the Egyptians farmed and why they built their life around the river Nile. In our science topic we will be looking at gardens and plants