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Home Learning 3rd March



                                   Good Morning Reception 


How are you feeling today?



This morning I would like you to start with your  tricky words warm up.


Can you read the tricky words to your grown-up? 


it     in    is    an     into    so     he     no   me    be    to    we   she   and   the    my     you     was     her    your    have    are    all     they    like  


I have also added the tricky words song below for you. 



Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

This morning I would like you to read Zog again and today we are going to sort the true or false statements about the story. 





True  or  false ?

 smiley yes        sad no

Madam dragon runs a zoo.

Zog is a pink dragon.

Zog went to dragon school.

Zog wants to win a golden star.

Zog tries to fight a knight.

Zog is good at flying.

Zog bumped into a tree.

A little boy gave Zog a plaster. 

Zog is the biggest dragon at dragon school. 

Zog met princess Pearl.

Princess Pearl wants to be a doctor.

Zog tried to fight a crocodile.

Zog hurt his throat when he was practising his roar.





Mrs Martin's phonics group   11.30am


This week we are starting phase four phonics. Remember to stretch out the words so that you ca hear all of the sounds. 

Tricky words   some   come  


Miss Meacher's phonics group  11.00am


This week you are revising all of the previous sounds from zoom.

Tricky words  no  go   I


Mrs Burn's phonics group  10.30 am 


This week you are working on l, ll,  f , ff.  phonemes and digraphs.

Tricky words   was   and   my  


Good Afternoon Reception


This afternoon I would like you to start with your number warm up. 


look at the numbers below. 

Can you tell your grown-up what is 1 more  and what is 1 less? 


    5     7     9     8    4    2    6   10    1


14   12   15   11   17    19   13    16   18    20  


        24   21    22    26    28    27    23   


This afternoon I thought we would continue visiting previous work so that we can start a new maths theme next week. 


Today we are revisiting our shape work. 


look at the shapes below.


Can you remember their names? 

How many sides do they have?

How many corners? 



look at the shapes below.


Can you remember their names? 

How many faces? 

How many vertices? 




You can either pick to do the worksheet below or complete some of the activities in  your shape work pack.


Look at the sheets below.

 Can you match the  shape to the correct name? 


Look at the sheet below. Can you find the shapes? 



Final Challenge


This afternoon I thought we would mix it up a little as you have been working so hard.yessmiley


One of the main areas we work on in Reception is our social skills and developing our play. We learn how to take turns and that it is not always possible to win. 

This afternoon I would like you to play a game with your family.

You can  play a board game, play I spy, Simon says, follow my leader, or make up a game.

I have also added a link to a game of snakes and ladders for you. 


Have Fun!  cheeky

Mrs Martin heart