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Home Learning 18th January


                        Good Morning Reception


How are you today?    yes  no  cheeky

Did you have a nice weekend? 

What did you get up to?


Remember we start every Monday morning  by writing our full names. Make sure you do it at home.yes


Today we are going to look at the story of the Three Snow Bears again.

We should know it really well now!

Can anyone remember what these two pictures are?







Yes!  They are speech bubbles and thinking (thought) bubbles.

We write what a character is saying in a speech bubble and what a character is thinking in a thinking bubble.


I would like you to look at the pictures below.

What do you think Daddy Bear is thinking in this picture?

What do you think Aloo-ki would be saying in this picture?


Can you complete the speech and thought bubbles on the sheet below?

Adults- If you do not have a printer the children can just write the speech/thought bubble.



Speech bubbles and Thought bubbles

the three snow bears




This morning Mrs Burn's has an appointment so there will be no zoom phonics lessons

(Just today).


My phonics group you have been working on the digraphs 'ur' and 'ow'.  Look at the images below and write down the words.

Adults the pictures are - owl, cow, curl, brown, surf, burn. 


Now pick two or three of the pictures to write a sentence about. 


Can you read and answer the questions below?


Can an owl quack ?

Can a cow surf?

Do you have brown curls?

Is a frog brown?


Miss Meacher's phonics group


You are looking at the 'qu' and 'sh digraphs. 

Can you label the pictures below? 


The pictures are- sheep, fish, ship, queen, quiz.


Can You write a sentence about one of the pictures above?  


Now can you read the caption below?


          Can  a  duck  quack?

      Can  a  sheep  go on  a  ship?


Mrs Burn's phonics group


You have been looking at the m, d, and o sounds. Can you label the pictures below? see if you can hear all of the sounds? 




The pictures are- lid, mop, dog, pot, pat.



Don't forget to write your full name today.


                  Good Afternoon Reception



This afternoon I would like you to do your number warm up. I have added a video (below) for you to dance along to and say your numbers. 



After your warm up I would like you to identify the numbers your grown-up shows you and then write your numbers. 


Your final maths task is to use the flash cards from your pack or if you made your own you can use them.

I would like you to put them in order. 



Pick a  number sheet from the pack to complete today. There are lots of counting and missing number sheets. 


If you have not collected your pack then I would like you to make a number line yourself by writing  your numbers up to 20 or 30.

Adults - Call out mixed numbers for the children to write down and show them some numbers to identify from the flash cards.


There are some in the pack but you can make your own at home using some paper or card from the back of cereal boxes. 




The Big Numbers Song

It's a numbers song for children and adults. Count from 0 to 100 and from a hundred to a trillion.This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video ...

Final challenge 


Today I would like you to find out about the animals in winter time.


Do all animals hibernate?


I have added a ppt below for your adult to talk to you about. 

Extra challenge (optional) 

You can write some facts down if you like and make a mini fact sheet.