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Home Learning 1st March


                                              Good Morning Reception



Happy Monday smiley


I hope you had a lovely weekend. 

How are you feeling today? 

Did you manage to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine at the weekend?    

What did you get up to at the weekend? 




Today I would like you to start with your name writing (full name) and your sounds warm up.

Say the letter sounds and the letter names.


    s    a     t      p    i         m   d   o      g         k    e     u     r     h    b      f       l      b     j     v     w      x



Well done! yes



This morning I have a new story for you about another dragon . 

Have a look at the front cover (below) and  see if you can answer my questions.


What can you see? 

How many dragons are there?

Where are they?

Look at the orange dragon and think about how he is feeling? How do you know? 

What has the orange dragon got?  What do you think it is for? 

What is the green dragon doing? 

What is the title of the story? 

Which dragon do you think is Zog? Why?

What do you think the story is about? 

What will happen in the story? 

I have added the story below watch/read it with your grown up. 






ZOG - By Julia Donaldson. Children's illustrated audiobook.

Zog is the keenest dragon in school and the most accident prone! Will he ever win a Golden Star?Music: Dear AutumnMusician: @iksonofficial


Can you answer the questions below? 


What did Zog want to win? 

Who was the biggest dragon?

What will the dragons be when they are fully grown?

What did the dragons learn to do at school?

What happened to Zog when he was learning how to fly?

What happened to Zog's wing?

Who helped Zog?

What did princess Pearl want to be?

Who tried to rescue the princess?





Remember to start with your daily reading using Oxford Owl or shala


Do not forget your daily phonics lesson with Mrs Burn's


Mrs Burn's phonics group 10.30am

you will be looking at f, ff , l and ll 

Tricky words- no   go   I 


Miss Meacher's phonics group  11:00am

You will be revisiting all previous sounds this week.

Tricky words  was    and    my   


Mrs Martin's phonics group 11:30 am

We will be starting phase four phonics this week

Tricky words   some   come

            Good Afternoon Reception 




This afternoon you need to start with your number warm up.

Join in with the song and dance below. 

Practise your number order and number writing. 


Adults- Give the children their number cards (muddled up) and ask them to put them in order. Then call out different numbers (based on where the children are up to) for the children to write down.



This afternoon for you maths work I would like you to see if you can solve the addition sums below.



Addiiton to 10



Addition to 20


Additon to 30


Adults there are a lot of sums on the sheets so there is no need  to do them all. 

Please note the sheet above has a typing error.

One sum is 22-6 = instead of 22+6 =  Please change it. 

I have added the images above to worksheets for those that prefer them on a sheet. There is an extra tricky challenge one with addition up to one hundred. If your child is very confident with their numbers and addition by counting on or using a number square then they can try that one instead. yes

Final challenge


It is time to get creative!angel



In our story today Zog had to defeat a knight and the princess lived in a castle. 


Can you make your own knight, princess, or castle? 


You can draw, paint, use some junk modelling equipment, building blocks or Lego. 


Have a look at the images below to give you some ideas.



Have Fun!cheeky

Mrs Martin