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Home Learning 12th February


                             Good Morning Reception


Yay! It is Friday and the last day before a well-earned rest for all of you. 


I would like to start off by saying a GREAT BIG WELL DONE! to all of you.

You are all little superstars.   

I am so proud of you for working so hard, trying your best and not giving up. 



Daily reading with the online reading books- google shala




This morning we are going to do a sounds warm up and then dough gym.


Do not worry if you do not have dough, you can just do it on your hands like we have to do  when our dough is too sticky!



Don't forget show and tell on zoom this afternoon. yeslaugh



This morning I would like you to work on your handwriting. There are some booklets in your home learning packs for those of you that print.

If you do cursive writing in school make sure you try to do your letters in cursive.



Today's letters are;



             j    v    w   y 


I have added a ppt below to remind you how to form you letters.






This week in phonics you have been doing an amazing job.

A big WELL DONE to everyone.


Mrs Burn's phonics group you have been looking at your previous sounds and focusing on  'u' and 'r' this week.


Start by writing your full name and then sound out and label the pictures below with the sounds you hear. 


I have added your sheet below with your phonics work on or you can use the pictures below. 

Tricky word spellings   and  the 




Adults- the images are; bat, rat, sun, red,  sock, run.


Can you read and match the word to the picture? 








Miss Meacher's phonics group

You have been looking at  'oo' and 'oa' and looked at previous sounds.

I have added a sheet below for you or you could use the images below to write the words for. 


Tricky word spellings  he  we  me   be  she 



Adults the images are boot, road, goat, food, night, boat, spoon, light, rain, chain.

My phonics group

You have been looking at all previous sounds.

I have added a document below with your phonics work on.

This week we will revise 'ear' and 'air' and 'ure' trigraphs and looked at 'er' digraph.

Please label the pictures below.

Tricky word spellings:   they  have  are  all   like   some 








Now pick a few of the pictures to write some questions about. 



Adults the images are crown, farmer, surf, clown,church, manure, tinfoil, beard, ear, chair, hairbrush, ladder.



Good Afternoon Reception 

How are you this afternoon? 


This afternoon I would like you to start with your maths warm up by writing down your numbers. 


Adults please shout out different numbers for the children to write based on the numbers they know.


We have been busy working on our number bonds to ten this week.

Can you remember your number bonds to ten?

Tell your grown-up.


Can you complete my number bonds to ten below? 

I have added a game for you to play after you have completed your challenge.


Do not forget to join the Dazzling Darren's Magic Maths show  (see link below)

for some magic and maths. yes

Final challenge


I would like you to continue with your learning about Chinese New Year. 

I have added a CBeebies video below that tells you a little bit more about Chinese New Year, preparing for it and the celebrations. 

After you have watched the video, talk to your grown-up about it. 

Then I thought it would be great to get a little creative. 

Dragons are a very important part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations. 

So, this afternoon I would like you to make a dragon. You can make it out of anything you like. I have added some ideas below. 

In class this week we have had a lot of fun making the dragon blowers (below). Have fun and get creative. yeslaugh

Don't forget to send in your pictures of the dragons you make. 


CBeebies: Preparing For Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

CBeebies: Celebrating Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie takes to the street with her family for a parade and firecracker display.Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games an...

Have Fun!laughyes


Have a lovely break, take care and be safe.

Mrs Martinheart