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Home Learning 22nd February


                                          Good Morning Reception


Welcome back!

I hope you all had a nice rest and managed to have lots of fun over the break.

How are you feeling today?


This morning we are going to start with our sounds warm up.

look at the letters below and say the letter sound and the letter name for each one .


 s  a   t   p   i   n   m   d   o   g   c   k   u   r    h    b   f    l     j    w    v    x   y  u   q


Once you have completed your sounds up I would like you to write your full name.

Today I would like you to talk to your grown-up about what you have been doing over the half term break.



What did you do?

Where did you go?

What did you watch?

What did you play with?

Did you have lazy days?

Did you help your grown-ups?

Did you make pancakes and flip them? 

Did you make something? 


Today we are going to be writing about our holidays, what we did, where we went and who with.


Remember to use your magic toolbag to help you out with capital letters, finger spaces, fullstops, adjectives(describing words and conjunctions (and, but, so, because). 


I look forward to reading your news. You can send your work to





Do not forget to join your daily phonics lessons with Mrs Burns.


Mrs Martin's phonics groups

11.30 am

You will be continuing to revise previous sounds. 

Tricky words     all   are  your (review)


Mrs Meacher's phonics group-

11.00 am

You will revise previous sounds and start to work on the digraphs 'ar' and 'or' this week.

Tricky words  no  go 


Mrs Burn's phonics group

10.30 am

You will revise previous sounds and focus on 'h' and 'b' phonemes.

Tricky words    I no  go



Good Afternoon Reception 



This afternoon we will start with our number warmup song (below) and then we will be working on our number recognition. 

Look at the numbers below.

Can you read them to your grown up? 


11   15     12      3     10     5     2    9    19   13    20     34      25     29      26     30      21    57   38      80     22    78     97     64    55   50   100   103     110      90     77      71     58     40    60   89      33     110      70     42 


Which numbers do you know? 


For maths this afternoon we will work on our numbers. Can you fill in the missing numbers for one of the sheets below? which one can you do? 

Adults- please pick the sheet for your child and the numbers they know. 




Numbers to 10

Numbers up to 20


Numbers up to 50


Numbers beyond 100

Above worksheets are on the worksheet below

Final Challenge 


This afternoon I would like you to work on your cutting skills.

Have a look at the images below  I have added it to a worksheet below and there is a copy in your new learning pack. 

can you cut out the spiral?  TRICKY!

and add the head and tail? 

Adults- there are cutting skills worksheets in the previous pack if you cannot get the sheet below. The children can do one of those instead. 

Have a lovely afternoon.

Mrs. Martin heart