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Home Learning 24th February



                 Good Morning Reception 

Remember to start the day with your daily reading .

You can use Oxford Owl or Shala to help with this. 


How are you today? 


Did you think of a good name for the dragon? 

Yesterday, I asked you to think about what you would do if you had a pet dragon. I had lots of super ideas sent to me. 


Today I have a story about someone who found a dragon. 

It is a Winnie the witch story so one of my favourites. heart

Read/ listen to the story with your grown-up.

Do not forget to change your change your voice for each of the characters. 





Winnie's Midnight Dragon | Read Aloud stories | Children's books

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Today I would like you to think back to your own imaginary pet dragon.

What would it look like?

What would it be able to do?

Can it breathe fire or ice? 

Can it fly? 

I would like you to draw/design your dragon today and write some sentences to describe it and what it can do. 


My dragon is ........  and ...........

It has ............  and ..........................

My dragon can .................... and ....................

My dragon likes to ..........................

My dragon can ..........................


Remember your capital letters, full stops and to use your adjectives and conjunctions in you sentences. 





Cancelled today
Mrs Burn's has some appointments today so there will be no phonics. I will add some work below for you to work on.


Lesson 24 - ear hear

Mrs Martin's phonics group
Watch the video and join in with it.

Mrs Martin's phonic group - Use you phonics to read and find the correct word to match the picture.

Lesson 14 - oa goat

Miss Meacher's phonics group
Watch the video and jin in with it.

Miss Meacher's phonics group- Match the pictures to the correct sounds andw rite the word for each picture.

Mrs Burn's phonics group

Our Reception lessons teach children to read letters and begin to blend to read words.

Mrs Burn's phonics group


Can you write your full names?


Please practise writing  the  letters below and say the sounds.


s        a      t         p         i        m        n      m   

     d        o      g        c        k       e     u       r  


Can you think of something that begins with each sound? 


Now look at the pictures below and see if you can find the objects. 


Can you write any of the words for the pictures? 



Good afternoon Reception



How are you this afternoon? 


I would like you to start with your number warmup song (below) and quick write numbers. 

Ask your grown-up to call out a number for you to write down. 

Remember to form your numbers correctly and make sure they are the right way round. 


Count Backwards By 1s from 100 and Exercise | Jack Hartmann

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This afternoon we are going to look at prepositional language and you will need to get up and moving to do your maths as it is a practical maths lesson.

You can either use yourself or a toy as long as you do the activities safely.

A preposition is a word that tells us where something is like on top of, under neath, behind, in between etc. We may know it as positional language too.

Grown-ups use the words below and either get the children to do the actions or use a toy to do it with.


For example, ask your child to put their teddy on the shelf, under the bed, behind the chair etc. 


I have added some ideas below for some activities/games you could play. 



Final challenge


Today we are carrying on with our stories Jesus heard for our RE lesson.


Today our story is all about Joseph read the story ppt with your grown up. 

Can you discuss the following questions with your grown up? 


What did Joseph's dad give him? 

How did it make his brothers feel? 

What did his brother's do to him?

What special things could Joseph do? 

What bad things happened to him?

What did Joseph do about it? 

How did God help him?


I have added a few activities for you to choose from to do below.


Order the pictures from the story. You can cut them out or number them in the correct order.


Design a colourful coat for Joseph



Colour Joseph's coat using the code



Have a lovely afternoon

Mrs. Martin smiley