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Home Learning 25th January



                                  Good Morning Reception 


How are you today?

Did you have a nice weekend?

Did you get any snow?

What have you been doing?


On Monday we normally talk to each other about our weekend and what we have been getting up to.

We will talk about it on our zoom this morning.

If you do not manage to join in zoom, then please talk to your adult about your weekend.


What did you do? 

Did you stay home and play with your toys? If so, what toys did you play with?

Did you go out to play in the snow?

Did you go to the park or play in the garden?

Did you go to the shops?

Did you watch something on the television?

Did you go for a walk or have a dance in the house?

Have you been baking?


Once you have discussed it with your adult you are going to write about your weekend like we would normally do and draw  a super picture to go with it.


Remember your magic toolkit.yes

Start with your capital letter, finger spaces after each word and then a full stop at the end. Don't forget your best writing and try to keep your letters on the lines.


Crocodiles, Monkeys and Elephants see if you can use the conjunctions and, or, because in you writing to extend your sentences and give me more information.

Maybe you could write about what you did on Saturday and Sunday.


Have a lovely Morning!

Mrs Martin



Do not forget to join in with your phonics lesson today. 


Mrs Martin's phonics group -11.30am

You will be looking at the trigraphs ‘air’ and ‘ure’ this week.

Miss Meacher's phonics group- 11am 

You will be looking at the diagraph 'ng' and ‘ai’ this week.

Mrs Burn's phonics group -10.30am 

You will look at the sound 'c' and 'k' this week.

I have added a phonics song for your warm-up and do not forget phonics play games.


Phonics Song 2 (new ZED version)

It's a phonics song with a picture for each letter. This version uses the name ZED for the letter Z. This is designed to help children learn the sounds of th...


    Good Afternoon Reception 


This afternoon I would like you to continue with your number recognition and warm up. 

Use your flash cards and ask you adults to hold them for you to identify. 


You are going to continue with counting objects today.

Have a look at the images below/ pick one of the worksheets in your packs or use the worksheets I have added below.


Can you count how many there are?

Can you write the answer down?

Make sure your numbers are the right way round.


Toucans and Elephants 

Below and on a word document below.


Above sheet and on a word document below.



Monkeys and Crocodiles

Sheet above or on the word document below.


There are lots of sheets in your work pack with counting activities on.


I have added a worksheet below for each group if you would prefer to do one of those and an extra challenge sheet.


There is also a link to a counting game.


Have a super afternoon.

Mrs. Martin

Your Final challenge this afternoon is to find out about the Arctic.

Our story last week ‘The Three Snow Bears’ was set in the Arctic.


Where is the Arctic?

What is it like?

What animals live in the Arctic?

What do people live in?

Can you find out any more facts about the Arctic?


I have added a video and a ppt below for you to watch and discuss with your adult.


Have a lovely afternoon.

Mrs. Martinsmiley


The Girl Who Went to the Arctic Animation Story

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