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Home Learning 14th January

Hi Reception


In the morning (Friday) we are going to be doing Dough Gym and handwriting.


If you have Play-Doh you can use that. If not then you can either do it on your hands (like we do when the dough is too sticky) or try to make your own. 


I have added the recipe and instructions below for you to make it with adults

(If you have the ingredients in). 


Make sure you bring your whiteboards from your home learning packs too for handwritingyes


I would like you to listen to the story again. (Below)

We need to know it really well and in class we would read it every day.  

I would like you think about the three bears in the story.

Draw me a super picture of the three bears and write a sentence about your picture. 

You could write: 

The three bears lived in an igloo.

The three bears went for a walk.

The three bears found the huskie dogs. 

You pick your own sentence and sound talk it to your grown-up.

How many words are in your sentence?

Now write it down and don't forget to use your magic tool bag to help you. 


If you want to write more than one sentence to challenge yourself you can. 


Great work yes








The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett: Children's Books Read Aloud on Once Upon A Story

Today's children's book read aloud is The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett. This is a fun re-telling of the classic fairy tale, Goldilocks.Purchase this book on...


Do not forget to join in with your phonics lesson today. 

Mrs Martin's phonics group -11.30am

You will be looking at the digraph 'ur' today 

Miss Meacher's phonics group- 11am 

You will be looking at the diagraph 'sh' today.

Mrs Burn's phonics group -10.30am 

You will look at the sound 'm' and 'd' today.


I have added a phonics blending song for your warm up and do not forget phonics play games.

Good Afternoon Reception


How are you this afternoon?


We will continue with maths this afternoon. 

Remember your number warm up. Use your  number flash cards, number fans or whiteboards (from you packs) to show your adults the numbers they call out  or do some counting.


Can you count 10 claps?

Can you do 12 hops?

Can you touch your toes 7 times?

Can you do 15 star jumps?

Can you do 20 stamps with your feet?


We have been busy looking at our numbers, number lines  and 1 more and 1 less as a recap. 


There are lots of 1 more and 1 less than worksheets in your pack.

Pick one to do at home today.

If you have not picked up your pack yet there are a couple of questions below for you to do. 

Adults- Please pick the ones your child can do based on the numbers they are up to. 


1 more than 7 =                             1 less than 3=              1 more than23=

1 more than 10=                            1 less than 7 =             2 more than 28=

1 more than 5=                              1 less than 19=            3 less than 17 =

1 more than 16=                            1 less than 15=            3 more than 19=

1 more than 14=                            1 less than 18=            2 more than 35=

1 more than 20=                            1 less than 11 =           4 more than 21=                     

                                                                                          3 more than 28=

                                                                                          2 less than 30=

                                                                                          2 less than 24 =


I have added a more and less activity below. Click on the link or search Top marks bug catcher more/less game.


Good Luck

Mrs Martin


To finish the afternoon I thought we could do a little bit of PE to keep us active.

I have added another yoga video below for you to do. 

See if you can get your grown-up to join inyeslaugh


Have fun

Mrs Martin x

Joybob The Polar Bear | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!