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Home Learning 11th February



Good Morning Reception.


This morning we are going to continue with our letters sounds and letter names warm up.

We are going to mix it up today and rather than show you the letter sound I have put the letter name.

Can you identify it?  


Can you read the letter names? 


A             T           P           D      O   

    G        M     C     U     E            D    K     H      J        B           L      Q      V        X               Y     W      Z




This morning I went to check on egg to see how it was getting on.


I was a little bit worried because it had started to crack. 


When I loooked in the cellar, where I left it I could not see it.

It had    GONE!   

Where could it be? 

I looked around carefully and I could not find it, but I did find this ....







Your challenge today is to write some descriptions of the dragon that hatched from the egg.


  I have been doing a little bit of research about the egg and the types of dragon that might hatch out of it. 


The pictures below show the different types of dragon that might hatch out from the egg.

(I have added these to a word document if you would like to print them).


I would like you to pick one of the dragons and write some adjectives to describe it.


Think about the colour, shape, size and the parts of the dragon. 


What words can you use to describe the dragon?


Extension challenge- put your adjectives (describing words) list into sentences to describe the dragon.

Example- The dragon is small and blue.

It has two pointed wings and a long pointed tail.




Good Afternoon Receptionlaugh


This afternoon I would like you to start with your number warmup song below. 


I wonder if you can remember the names of the 2D and 3D shapes below? 

Can you talk to your grown-up about them? 

How many sides or faces?

How many corners or vertices? 




This afternoon we are going to continue with our number bonds to 10.

Did you find the numbers that add together to make a total of 10? Can you tell them to your grown -up?


Have a look at the sheet below. 

I have tried to write the number bonds to ten but  kept getting in a muddle with my number sentences.


Can you help me to complete the number sentences to make 10?



Final Challenge


You need to get up and moving I have added another yoga video below. It is all about Cracker the Dragon.

If you do not want to do the yoga video then you can do another form of exercise like riding your bike or scooter, going for a walk or run, dancing or jumping.

I have also added one of our favourite dance songs below for you to join in with. 



Have a lovely afternoon.

Mrs Martin x


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