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Home Learning 2nd February


Good Morning Receptionsmiley



I hope you are all well today. 


This morning we are going to think about polar bears a little bit more. I would like you to find out information about polar bears.

I have added two non- fiction ppts below for you to look through with your adult. 

Once you have looked at the ppt I would like you to write down some facts about polar bears. 

You can use the fact-finding worksheet below to put your findings in.



Do not forget to join in with your phonics lesson today.

Mrs Martin's phonics group -11.30am

You will be looking at the digraph ‘er’ and revising previous sounds this week.

Miss Meacher's phonics group- 11am

You will be looking at the digraph 'ee' and  trigraph ‘igh’ this week.

Mrs Burn's phonics group -10.30am

You will look at the sound 'e.' and digraph 'ck.' this week.


 I have added your phonic warm up song below.




Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

Good Afternoon Reception 



How did you get on this morning? 



Start with your number warm up


Adults- Pick a few from the list below for your child as a warm up like we do in zoom. 


What is  1 more than 7?                    What is 1 less than 20?           What is 2 more than 18?

What is 1 more than 12?                   What is 1 more than 13?          What is 3 more than 12?

What is 1 less than  5?                      What is 1 less than 10?            What is 5 more than 5?

What is 1 less than 18?                     What is 1 more than 19?           What is 2 less than 6?



Today in maths we are revising addition.


Look at the number sentence below. 

Can you read it out loud to your adult?

Can you work it out?


Do you need to draw pictures, use counters or count on in your heads? 

In class we all have different ways to work out the answer. 

    8 + 3 =


Today I would like you to use objects from you house

(toys, cars, Lego, pencils) to solve the number sentences below.


You can choose to use the images below if you prefer or complete one of the addition sheets in your pack. 


Adults- Pick the ones the children can do based on the numbers they are working on.


5+3=              9+6=             12+7=        13+6=        

8+2=              4+1 =            15+4=        18+5=   


13+6=             6+2 =           12+4=         10+7=




I have added an addition game below for you to try too! 


Good Luck 
Mrs M




Final challenge


Well done for your super efforts with your bird feeders.yes


This afternoon I would like you to be bird detectives.

Keep an eye on your bird feeder  and see what birds come to visit. 


I have added a bird spotting form below for you to use to help you and a ppt about birds for you to find out a little bit more information. 


If you want to be creative, you could make some binoculars or design or make a bird house for the birds to rest in.



Have funyes

Mrs Martinsmiley