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Autumn 2

Britain, Bombs and The Blitz

This half term we will be finding out all about World War II.

We have read the story of Rose Blanche by Ian McEwan and Roberto Innocenti.  The children wrote some fantastic descriptive paragraphs about the parade in the town square.  
Using Pic Collage, the children added speech and thought bubbles to some of the characters in the story.  Can you spot the German vocabulary?


Our science topic this half term is all about staying alive and keeping healthy.  Today we were very brave and had a go at dissecting lamb's hearts!  After cutting the heart in half, we tried to find all 4 chambers.  


Crucial Crew

Year 6 attended Crucial Crew  in Manchester and took part in activities led by GMP, transport police, St John's Ambulance, RNLI and Salix Homes.  They were sugar smart and great at putting each other in the recovery position.


 Dazzling Darren Magic Show

What a great end to a fantastic 1st term of the school year.