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Autumn 2

'Environmental Enthusiasts'

Within this topic we will be looking at the local history of Swinton. We will be investigating, as historians, our school and what existed before our school. We will also look at what life was like in the Industrial school. As geographers we will be discussing the human and physical geography of Swinton and what we can do to help and be proud of our local environment. Throughout Science we will be looking at magnets and forces.


We have had a fantastic week this week, creating christmas poems in English, learning about the time in maths and practicing our carol service. We have also managed to fit in our DT day and we made our very own Christmas toy packaging. Towards the end of this week we have had lots of fun with Dazzling Darren the magician, our film day and Splash!


The Children have had a brilliant week this week and have all done extremely well during their assessments. Their attitude and effort has been fantastic. During the afternoons we have had lots of fun playing tag rugby, creating cards for R.E. and giving them to year 4 as a good will gesture and even making our own magnetic games in science.


This week we have been looking at 3D shape in maths and we have been learning all about faces, edges and vertices. We made our own 3D shapes using building equipment. In our afternoon lessons we have been looking at magnets and which is the strongest and we have also learnt a lot of history about our school.


Another brilliant week. We have finished our letters to the Mayor of Salford about how we can keep the environment clean and we have been working hard on dividing and learning our times tables. In Science we discovered that only some 1ps are magnetic. We looked at the history of the coin and discussed why some might be magnetic and some aren't.


What a busy week! We have had lots of fun this week across all our subjects. We looked at maps of Swinton which are over 100 years old and we discussed how Swinton has changed over the years. We learnt all about fractions in maths and related it to coloured smarties in a tube. Finally Friday was lot's of fun where we raised lots of money and had lots of fun for Children in need.



We have had another great work in school in this week. We have been continuing to punctuate speech this week in English and in Maths we have been looking at the grid method. During our afternoon sessions we have had science experiments, 'geography walks' and we even had a visit from Swinton lions Rugby club. We will be completing a 6 week block of tag Rugby league with Swinton lions this half term.


We have had a great first week back after the half term. This week, the children have been doing some drama for our new story 'Someone swallowed Stenley'. The children have been punctuating speech in there books aswell as working on our times tables in maths.