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Children Isolating Sept/Oct 2021





I hope you are well, happy and smileysmiley

I know you cannot be in school with us at the moment because you have to stay at home. 

I have added some work below for you to keep you busy.yes

It is the same we are doing in class so you will not miss anything.

Keep safe, keep smiling.smiley

Love from Mrs Martin heart






Parents/ Carers, 

Below are a range of activities linked to our learning for the first half of this term.  We start the morning with name writing and a bit of a warm up phonic and number flash cards. 


Below are some links and websites to help you


You can play phonic games on  the phonics play website


Top marks is a great maths website with lots of activities and games on to play


Watch alphablocks – initial sounds

Watch number blocks to develop number sense


Letters and sounds daily phonics Reception

Look on you tube for letters and sounds daily phonic lessons for  phase 2

Type in  to you tube letters and sounds for home lesson 1,2, 3, etc or use the address below.


S sound (see below link)

a sound ( see below)

t sound (see below)

p sound (see below)

i sound (see below)



Daily warm up activity


Practise writing your full name (first and last)

Sing along and learn the days of the week song. (see link)

Discuss the days-

What day is it today?

What day was it yesterday?



We will be investigating: 

s      a       t      p      i    n   m   d

sounds and finding objects that begin with the sounds. We will work on writing the sounds and playing I spy. We will go on a sounds hunt to find things that begin with each sound and match them to the correct letter. 

We will use the sounds to build words for reading like; at, sat, sit, pin, nip, tin, pat, pan.


See link below for phonic songs



Can you play I spy for each of the sounds?

How many different objects can you spot for each sound? 

Can you write the sounds? 

What objects can you find around your house that begin with each sound? Can you draw them? 



I have added some work below for when you are feeling better so that you can keep up with the class learning.yes




1. This half term we are looking at ourselves and our families. We will be talking about, drawing, and trying to write a list of the people that live in our house.

You could draw a picture of the people in your family and try to label them with your grown-ups help. 


2. We will be reading stories about friendship and talking about our friends.  
We will read
'What are friends for" See link below and talk about friends and friendships.

What do friends do? 

What makes a good friend? 

Who is/are your friend/friends? 

What do you like to play with your friend? 

How does your friend make you feel? 

Can you draw or paint a picture of your friends and label them? 



We will be working on our counting and number recognition. We will also begin to develop our number sense skills by finding and representing numbers in different ways. 

Can you count and join in with the number song below? 

Can you count the objects on the sheet below and find the number to copy? 

We will be singing, acting out and sorting using number rhymes like five current buns and five little speckled frogs. 



Parents /Carers

You can download the word document below or gather some objects around the house and get the children to count them. You could use crayons, cars, toy animals, coins, pencils, or anything the children can pick up and move to count. 

I have added a link to a usefule website for counting games and activities for the children to do. 

Maths worksheets (same as above)

Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | 2021 Version | Jack Hartmann

Teach your children to count to 100 as they get some great exercise too in Jack Hartmann's Let's Get Fit song. This cool kid-friendly song starts out with a ...

Knowledge and Understanding of the World


We will be finding out about ourselves and our bodies. We will talk about how we change and develop as we grow up. 

We will investigate and talk about the different parts of our body and what we use them for and we will investigate the senses.

What body parts can you name?

What do each part of your body do? 

Can you play head, shoulders knees and toes? 

Adults- You could change the body parts for the children to point to. Try it fast  and slow. Can you catch them out? 

Expressive Art and Design


We will be experimenting with colour. We will see what happens when we mix colours and investigate what colours we can make.

We will also be be painting self portraits. 

Can you paint,chalk, make or crayon a picture of yourself?

Can you use a mirror to help you? 

Physical development 

We will be working on our pencil control, cutting skills and movement and space skills. 

Can you make a paper plate haircut? 

If you do not have a paper plate then you could use the back of a cereal box or some paper. 


We will be looking at finding and using space n P.E. lessons and our balance and movement.  

I have added a yoga video below for you to have a go at or you can hop, skip, jump at home and move through spaces. Your grown up could set up a simple obstacle course in you living room or garden for you to move around. 

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Squish the Fish: Join Jaime for a Cosmic Kids yoga adventure all about learning to have your own adventures! This was our first ever yoga adventure!🌈 Watch ...

Have fun and take care. 

Mrs Martin yessmileyheart