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Curriculum Intent

St Peter's Values and Intent - please open and read this PDF before moving onto the paragraphs below.

St Peter’s CE Primary School Curriculum


The staff and governors of St Peter’s have a very clear vision of engaging, inclusive education, in which every child is encouraged to succeed and does so thanks to our broad and enriching curriculum; this is based upon strongly held shared Christian and moral values and prepares children to make a positive contribution to society.


We are passionate in our belief that the curriculum underpins all of our provision as a school, and that through it the children should receive outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural guidance. As a result, pupils make excellent progress socially and academically, equipping them to become the good citizens and leaders of tomorrow. We strive to ensure that there is an extensive range of free-to-all extra-curricular activities to supplement this.


Our job as a staff and governing board has been to tailor the key objectives of the national curriculum to suit the needs of the learners at St Peter’s.  Following consultation with children and parents, and joint research with local primary schools, we have created a curriculum which harnesses all of the statutory objectives and fits them into schemes of work and topics which are relevant and stimulating to children in the Salford locality, whilst also exposing them to a breadth of learning about the wider world.


In this section of the website you will find a brief summary of the key elements of each subject area of the school’s curriculum. Should you require further information, please contact us – our curriculum leaders will be happy to talk in more detail. Alternatively, visit the DFE website for a full list of learning objectives and curriculum requirements.