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Home Learning 27th January

                                Good Morning Reception



How are you this morning?


Today we are going to read our story this week.

'The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud'.


Once you have read the story, I would like you to think about the snow animals that the cloud made in story. 

Can you remember them all? 


We are going to be labelling the animals from the story today. 

Remember to stretch your words so that you hear all of the sounds. 


See below (or use the word document) and identify then label the pictures. 










Do not forget to join in with your phonics lesson today. 


Mrs Martin's phonics group -11.30am

You will be looking at the trigraphs ‘air’ and ‘ure’ this week.

Miss Meacher's phonics group- 11am 

You will be looking at the diagraph 'ng' and ‘ai’ this week.

Mrs Burn's phonics group -10.30am 

You will look at the sound 'c' and 'k' this week.

I have added a phonics song for your warm-up and do not forget phonics play games.




Have a lovley morning

Mrs. Martinsmiley

Phonics Blending Song CVC Words and More

                      Good Afternoon Reception



Start with your warmup counting and number recognition. 

Adults can you show the children a number card and ask them to tell you one more than the number and one less than the number you show them.

Challenge- Ask the children to find two more or three less by counting on/back.

Last week we looked at 2D (flat) shapes. This week we are going to investigate 3D (solid) shapes. 

Look at the 3D shapes below.

Can you name any?



Have you seen any objects around your house that are the same shape? 


Today you are going on a shape hunt to find 3D objects and I would like you to record them in your book. 


Look at what I found in my house; can you spot the 3D shapes that are the same? 


What 3D shape do they look like? 


See what 3D shapes you can find in your house and draw them in your book or use the sheet below. I have also added a shape match activity sheet for you to do. 


Have fun!smiley


shape match activity sheet - match 3D shapes to objects

Final Challenge


This afternoon we are going to carry on with reading stories Jesus heard. 

Todays' story is called 'Jonah and the big fish'.


Read and discuss the story (ppt below) with your grown-up and then recall it. 


Can you sequence the pictures below or write a sentence to explain what happened in the story?




Have a lovely afternoon.smiley

Mrs. Martin