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Welcome children, parents and carers to our Reception class page.

In Reception we are always busy learning and developing lots of new and exciting skills through a variety of topics, these are .......

We regularly update our class page; please scroll down to the bottom for the most recent pictures and information.

Diary Dates

P.E lessons are every Wednesday Morning; please make sure the children have a full kit with their names in every item. 

Wednesday 5th July- Trip to Smithills Farm


27th June Sports Day - Reception will be taking part in the afternoon 1.30pm


Marvellous Me!

Our first topic will focus on Marvellous Me! We will be finding out about ourselves, friends, families, likes, dislikes, where we live and carrying out lots of new social interactions. We will be finding out and learning to follow new rules and routines.

It is going to be a busy first half term!

All Things Autumn  (Mini Topic)

Over the next few weeks we will be investigating autumn. Over the half term see what signs of autumn you can find, maybe collect some autumn objects to share with us in class. 

Below is the topic planner with some home learning challenges to keep you busy over the half term.

Night Time


Our new topic is all about night time and night time animals.

We will be finding out about light and dark, light sources, shadows, noises we hear at night and nocturnal animals and their homes. We will be reading lots of stories linked to night time and some non-fiction books too. 

Winter Wonderland


Over the next few weeks we will be very busy preparing for our nativity and beginning to think about Christmas celebrations. We will also start to think about winter and winter weather.

We will continue the topic after the half term for a couple of weeks and we will start to explore animals and countries that are cold. 

Please have a look at our topic plan and home learning challenges. 


Chinese New Year 

Summer 1 and 2 - The children will be reading traditional tales and through this explore mini topics like growing plants and minibeasts.

P.E Stars

P.E  Stars  1
P.E  Stars  2
P.E  Stars  3
P.E  Stars  4
P.E  Stars  5
P.E  Stars  6
P.E  Stars  7
P.E  Stars  8
P.E  Stars  9
P.E  Stars  10
P.E  Stars  11
P.E  Stars  12
P.E  Stars  13
P.E  Stars  14
P.E  Stars  15
P.E  Stars  16
P.E  Stars  17
P.E  Stars  18
P.E  Stars  19
P.E  Stars  20
P.E  Stars  21


We had lots of fun on our visit to the library.

We listened to stories, explored the library, shared books with others,

acted out stories, looked for books and read books on our own.

                        Oh how we love books!


We read the story 'Mouse Paint' and we found out about the primary colours.

We found out that we can use the primary colours to make new ones. 

The children enjoyed experimenting and made lots of wonderful new colours.

We then tried mixing colours in a variety of ways.

We tried shaving cream mixing, bubble blowing, marble mixing and we used our hands to mix colours.

We had lots and lots of fun! 

We have been busy learning about our brilliant bodies.

We have had lots of fun in the hospital role play area.

Many of us have amazing talents, especially when using bandages!

We certainly have some aspiring doctors, nurses and receptionists in our class!

Fabulous Firemen 

Today we had a visit from the Firemen.

We got to look around the fire engine and even try some of the equipment. 

 Outdoor Learning 

Night Time

Night Time  1 Finding words, letters and numbers in the dark den
Night Time  2 Exploring darkness
Night Time  3 constructing fires using torches and sticks
Night Time  4 Exploring and making shadows
Night Time  5 Finding out about nocturnal animals
Night Time  6 Exploring and investigating with friends
Night Time  7 Finding out about different night animals
Night Time  8 Making Rangoli Patterns
Night Time  9 Making Rangoli patterns
Night Time  10 Making Diva lamps
Night Time  11 Making Diva lamps
Night Time  12 Decorating Diva lamps
Night Time  13 Decorating Diva lamps
Night Time  14 Decorating Diva lamps
Night Time  15 Decorating Diva lamps
Night Time  16
Night Time  17
Night Time  18
Night Time  19
Night Time  20
Night Time  21

This week we have been reading the story  'Peace At Last'.

We had lots of fun retelling the story using drama.



It's Christmas!

Although we are all very busy in class and rehearsing for our nativity, we still get a little time to play and learn.

The children are all very excited about Christmas. They have been busy designing, making toys, wrapping presents and even playing Santa or one of his many elves. 

Warburtons Workshop

Warburtons Workshop 1
Warburtons Workshop 2
Warburtons Workshop 3
Warburtons Workshop 4
Warburtons Workshop 5
Warburtons Workshop 6
Warburtons Workshop 7
Warburtons Workshop 8
Warburtons Workshop 9
Warburtons Workshop 10
Warburtons Workshop 11
Warburtons Workshop 12
Warburtons Workshop 13
Warburtons Workshop 14
Warburtons Workshop 15
Warburtons Workshop 16
Warburtons Workshop 17
Warburtons Workshop 18
Warburtons Workshop 19
Warburtons Workshop 20
Warburtons Workshop 21
Warburtons Workshop 22
Warburtons Workshop 23
Warburtons Workshop 24
Warburtons Workshop 25
Warburtons Workshop 26

We have been exploring winter, winter weather and animals in winter.

We even had a bit of snow, which we loved exploring. 

We will be reading non-fiction books about winter and story books on a winter theme.

We will also find out about Barnaby Bear and his travels around the world, with an emphasis on the Arctic and the Antarctic. We will find out about animals and people that live in the cold places around the world.

                   Chinese New Year

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about Chinese New Year.

We will have lots of fun in our Chinese restaurant role play area. We will be making and designing lanterns, dragons, fans and even try to use chopsticks to sample Chinese food. We will find out about Chinese customs and traditions and make our own music and dragon dance. 

Barnaby Bear will take us on one of his many trips to China to find out about where it is and what it is like. 

Science Week

Plants and Growing 

Working hard ...


Smithills Farm Trip

The children had a fantastic day out at the farm on Wednesday. 

A big THANK YOU to Megan Jones and Helen Newell for helping out on the day