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Year 6 Remote Learning

5th March 2021


Well today is hopefully the last day of remote learning!  You made it!  Thank you to all those in school and at home who have logged on to Google Classroom each day to complete work and joined us on Zoom for our live lessons.

We're Going on a Staff Hunt Quiz sheet


EMA answers and explanation

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Arithmetic Day!

Make sure that you read the questions very carefully.  Double check what the question is asking you to do before finalising your answer.  Don't rush!

Spelling Sentences

Can you create sentences for your spelling words.  Try to make them exciting and original.  You are not allowed:
I have an easel.
I like ballet.
I went to a restaurant.

Different word classes to start each of your sentences.  You must have at least one beginning with a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, and preposition.  The other 4 are your choice.  I have included my examples below.

Aboriginal Art

A lot of Aboriginal art contains symbols.  Look at the attached sheet of common symbols used by artists.  Could you take some of those symbols and try drawing them?  Decorate with the dots that we looked at last week.  I've tried to do some on the Drawing document.  It was fiddly but I quite like it.  Play around with the line thickness (weight).  To make lots of circles the same size, I created one and then copied and pasted it - copy is ctrl button down and press c.  Paste is ctrl button down and  press v.

You could use paints instead or felt tips.  I've added my examples below.  I tried felt tips - better control but they were running out!







All our spellings this week, are words that have been taken from other languages and countries.  Make sure that you go on to Spelling Shed to practise this week's words.


Spelling test on Zoom today 1:45pm