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Wed 6th

Good Afternoon Year Four!

Here are some maths questions.  The first 5 are the expected level.  The next 5 are greater depth. 


Expected Level.



Greater Depth level




Good Morning Year Four!



Today I want you to imagine that you are going to hot seat Barney from the film and you will have the opportunity to ask him anything you like about his life. You might want to think about the questions you could ask e.g. Where is your mum? Have you always lived life upside down? How do you feel about living life upside down?


Remember to focus on the thoughts and feelings of this Barney and that some of your questions should reflect this. In your exercise books can you write down the questions you would like to ask Barney.  Or email your questions to me and I will post them this afternoon.

Well Done Mia!

Well Done Mia! 1