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Wed 20th

Good Afternoon Year Four.


This afternoon go outside!!


This afternoon I would like you to go on a nature treasure hunt around your garden or near to your home. Be creative and search out lots of different items, collecting as many items and colours as possible.  The items could be sticks, grass, leaves, flowers, petals, stones etc.  Remember DO NOT pick flowers from anywhere other than your garden and check with your parents first before you do!


Next decide what material you would like your photo frame to be made out of. It could be made from sticks, flower stems, wooden planks or even lots of small stones. It could even be a mixture of different items, depending on what you find. See pictures below for ideas!


Using your collected items, create a picture inside your photo frame. You could create a portrait of themselves or a picture of something that makes them happy e.g. a pattern, a place, another person or an animal. 


I can’t wait to see what you make!  Don’t forget to email me a picture and I will add them to the new star I have added to our class page called – Photos of Home Learning!



Ideas for your nature art!

Ideas for your nature art! 1
Ideas for your nature art! 2
Ideas for your nature art! 3
Ideas for your nature art! 4

Good Morning Year Four!



It is going to be a sunny day! Make sure you come back for your afternoon challenge, which will be an outside task!