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Summer 2 Land Ahoy!

We were part of our very own St Peter's Triathlon! This was so much fun, but our arms got REALLY tired when doing the rope-pulling, which mimicked swimming!

As part of our computing this half-term, we have been Zoologists. We have been collecting data about insects in our school garden and manipulating this data, creating graphs and charts. Here we are photographing these insects and doing some observational drawings!

Here we are, again in our school garden (we just love it so much) doing some Mandala-inspired art! We loved this so much and were so creative with the different colours/sizes of leaves/stones we picked, along with collecting the most beautiful flowers and adding these to give colour to our masterpieces. 

In science the half-term we have learnt about cooking, and have gone on a school trip where we ate our very own sandwiches! To link with this, we read a really funny book in our English lesson called "A Disgusting Sandwich". Obviously, we then had to go out in groups and make our very own disgusting sandwich! They were SO GROSS - but we do think the group photo of the children is such a lovely one, even though the disgusting sandwiches are in the middle of their circle! 



Thank you so much to all parents for making such an effort for Pirate Day at school, it was such an amazing day and the children did not stop laughing the whole time! Here are some pictures of the treasure hunt we went on, walking the plank and pinning the eyepatch on the pirate! It was harder than it might look to walk the plank, the wooden bars kept spinning, so we had to really concentrate!