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Summer 1 - Raging Rivers

Friday 27th May 2022

Clean For The Queen

Year 6 litter picked around Moorside Park.  4 full bags of rubbish removed including: 2 pairs of trainers, pants, jacket, coat, wheel trim, back of an ipad cover, vapes, bottles, police tape, hoover, gas cannister, socks, tennis racket, air pods, crow bar, cigarettes, bandages, lighter and  3 fires!  

25th April 2022


Can we build a simple circuit in order to light a bulb?  Where would we need to place the wires if we didn't have a bulb holder?




After SATs Scavenger Hunt!

After working so hard all week during our SATs tests, the children had fun on Friday fun trying to complete the tasks set in their scavenger hunt.  

Friday 13th May 2022


Using the coding site Tynker, the children designed and created their own platform games.  They included different levels, baddies to defeat and trophies and coins to collect points.   Once they had played each others games, they filled in review sheets stating what they like and if there were any improvements that could be made.

Week beginning 16th May 2022

Jubilee Maths


After a week of maths work planning and budgeting a Jubilee party, we made cupcakes and decorated with red, white and blue icing.