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Summer 1 - Bee Positive

Bee Positive


In this topic, we will explore the origin of the Manchester Bee.  Where does the symbol come from and why was a bee chosen?



Making a 3D bee model

Using papier mache, the children designed their own bee in the city!

Take A Tour Around Manchester with Year 6's Clips presentations.  

In pairs, the children have researched where the Manchester Bee logo can be found in the town centre.  



After investigating electrical circuits this half term, the class designed and made their own electrical quiz games.  To light the bulb, you have to connect the questions to the correct answer with the crocodile clips in order to create a complete loop.

28th April 2021

Chad from Lancashire County Cricket Club visited us today and put the class to the test!  

Friday 23rd April 2021

Scoot Fit

Great fun outside on the scooters!