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Spring 2

Our 'see you soon' day... 20.03.20

You asked to make rainforest habitats...
so we did...
We had lots of fun...
and made lots of mess!
We worked together...
and helped each other.
We chose songs to listen to
and sung along together.
We were proud of each other
and smiled to one another.
We laughed out loud
and chatted to each other.
Until it was time...
to say 'we'll see each other soon' X

Rainforest Explorers!

As ever, the children are very excited about our new topic 'Rainforest Explorers.' We will be mainly learning about the Amazon Rainforest but we will also discuss whereabouts other Rainforests are in the world. 






Please see the 'home-learning' challenge sheet for ideas for things to do at home - Thank you for the fantastic home-learning challenges that have been sent into school already -WOW! 


Thank you for your continued support

Mrs S.Jones laugh

Our trip to Chetham's School of Music!