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Spring 1 Locks and Quays

Happy New year!

Welcome back to a new school term. We have lots of exciting a fun things to learn this term.


Freddie Fit

Today we were visited by Freddie Fit who ran an exercise session for us and taught us lots of interesting facts about our bodies and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and eating a good, balanced diet.


Welcome to Year 5's Art Gallery.


In our art lessons we then started to explore colours and what different colours represented. We painted some pictures to represent thoughts and feelings. Some show friendship, some show happiness, some show love, some show sadness and loneliness. Can you tell which emotion or feeling each picture represents?

As part of our Locks and Quays topic in History we started to look at the work of L.S Lowry. We studied one of his pictures called The Factory Mill. We looked at perspective and how to show it in our drawings.

We started by creating a pencil drawing and then we painted them using water colours. Our paintings are still drying so we will post the finish products for you next half term. We are very proud of our efforts. laugh

This half term we started working on our Young Leaders Award. For this we started thinking about what makes a good leader and how we could work well as a team. We participated in lots of fun activities. One was the walk of faith where we had to close our eyes and trust our partners to guide us safely round an obstacle course. We found it quite scary to begin with but we soon gained trust in our partners who did an amazing job at leading us to safety. 

Another activity we did as part of our Young Leaders Award was the Cup Challenge. We had to work in teams to put the cups in a pyramid shape without touching them with any part of our body. We found this a real challenge to begin with but then by working together and sharing our ideas, we managed to complete the challenge!

Here you can see us applying our maths skills to try and compete a really tricky challenge. 

As part of our activities for Internet Safety Day we discussed the games that we play online and we also discussed the word respect and how we could be respectful to others when we are playing online or using other social media platforms.

We were lucky to be asked to take part in a project on Swinton Precinct called 'Greening Swinton Square'. We were part of a research group who went to have a look around the area to how much wildlife and nature we could find. Sadly we couldn't find much. The 'Greening Swinton Square' project aims to 'Enhance the shopping centre with green and nature based solutions.'

'The solutions will not only have a functional purpose, but also wider benefits such as:  Provision of green space, more tree cover, increased biodiversity, improved air quality as well as sequestering carbon and cooling urban areas; all work to enhance your wellbeing.'

The plan is to create Living walls, green roofs, rain gardens and more planters and seating areas.

We really enjoyed our first research trip to look at the project in its initial stage.

Here are our finished Lowry painting that we painted using watercolours.