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Monday 1st June (pm)


How did you get on with your work this morning? Hope you managed to get at least some of it done. I know some of the maths was a little challenging so don't worry if you didn't do it all.


Our topic this half term is 'The Terrible Tudors'. This is one of my all-time favourite topics to teach so I feel sad that we are not studying it together in class. However, I will try to deliver as much of it as I can on here.



Have a look at some of the Powerpoints I put on about The Tudors so that you know who they were and when they lived. Make sure you know who the 6 Tudor monarchs were (we all know about Henry VIII, but there were 2 other kings and 3 queens during the Tudor reign).


There is a passage in your pack titled The Tudors. This will give you some information about how The Tudors began their reign and the classes of people who lived in England and Wales during that time. Read it carefully and complete the words in the spaces.


Hope you enjoy finding out about this really interesting period in British history.


Take care and stay safe.

Love Mrs M xx

Monday 1st June (answers)



A) 6    8     7     7    8    12    14    12     20      18

B) 21    18    12    30    27    90           45    180     18    540     72     360

C) 144cm     105ml     92g     561km     140ml     136kg     390 litres    658m

D) 6     3     21     15     27     12     57     152     19     114     76     133

E) 1/10     2 4/10 or 2 2/5     1/52     4/40 or 1/10     40/60 or 2/3     1/32


How did you get on? Don't worry if you found some of them tricky. yes

Monday 1st June

Good morning Year 5! Hope you all had a great half-term break. The weather has been lovely so I hope you've managed to get out and about. I've enjoyed my running along the canal path and in Worsley Woods. What have you been up to?


As you know, Year 6 children are returning to school on Wednesday. I will be teaching a group of them; however, I will still be providing your work daily on here. 


There are 2 really awful videos that you can watch if you want to. Believe me, I was totally out of my comfort zone doing those (and it shows). They might be useful though. laugh



Spellings ('over' and 'under' prefixes)

overload     overslept     overcrowded     overgrown

understaffed     underqualified     underrated     underpaid

What do these words mean? Start to learn them by writing them in neat, cursive handwriting.



Fractions of Quantities (Exercise 8.1 in your pack)

E.g. 1/3 of 18 = 6   (18 divided by 3 = 6)

E.g. 3/4 of 16 = 12 ( 16 divided by 4 = 4, then multiply by 3 = 12)



Look in your pack for the 'Talk for Writing' booklet called The Game.

Read through pages 2&3 and access the link on the internet if possible.

Read page 4 and halfway through page 5 where it says 'I predict...'

Write a paragraph to explain what you think will happen next in the story.


Hope you get on well with all that and don't laugh too much at those videos!!

Stay safe!

Love Mrs M xx


01.06.20 Maths

Still image for this video

W/B 01.06.20 Spelling

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Wednesday 27th May


Hello Year 5! I hope you are enjoying the lovely half-term weather.


I'm sure most of you have heard by now, but I will be leaving St Peter's at the end of this school year. I have a new job in Bolton. Whilst this is exciting, I also feel sad that we continue to be in these strange circumstances. I am disappointed that we are not able to spend these weeks as a class. You and your families need to know that I remain 100% committed to providing your learning (paper packs and website updates) over the coming weeks. I also want to see you all at some point - if that can't be as a class, it might be when I'm delivering the next batch of packs or it might be a 'zoom' meeting. 


You are all amazing young people and I feel very lucky to be your teacher. I have some fantastic memories of working with you all. Keep trying hard and believing in yourselves. Aim high and be champions. Be the change that you want to see. heart


Stay safe and take care. I miss you all.

Mrs M xx

Half-Term Fun!


Hello everyone! It is half-term next week so I won't be posting daily learning tasks. As you are still staying at home during the lockdown, here are some activities you might want to try. Don't forget to get out in the fresh air too. Have a great week and stay safe! Love Mrs M xx


* Go on a bug hunt or create a bug hotel

* Do an online drawing tutorial such as #DrawWithRob

* Create some chalk art on your path

* Hopscotch (use masking tape for indoor hopscotch)

* Junk modelling with boxes, tubs etc

* Wallpaper people - if you have any old wallpaper, lie down and ask someone to draw     around you. Then decorate.

* Pebble art

* Send postcards to friends or family members

* Den building (indoors or outside)

* Go on a treasure hunt

* Make a 'Forky' (like the one in Toy Story 4) or nature hunt

* Make suncatchers

* Obstacle course


I'm sure you'll be doing lots of lovely things. As always, I'd love to hear from you.


Andy Warhol pictures (for later)

Andy Warhol pictures (for later) 1
Andy Warhol pictures (for later) 2
Andy Warhol pictures (for later) 3
Andy Warhol pictures (for later) 4
Picture 1

Map of USA states

Map of USA states 1

North America Pictures (for later)

North America Pictures (for later) 1
North America Pictures (for later) 2
North America Pictures (for later) 3
North America Pictures (for later) 4
North America Pictures (for later) 5
North America Pictures (for later) 6
North America Pictures (for later) 7
North America Pictures (for later) 8

Map of North America

Map of North America 1

Happy 100th Birthday Captain (Colonel) Tom!

Happy 100th Birthday Captain (Colonel) Tom! 1

Blank World Map

Here is my email address in case you want to contact me:


I love hearing about what you've been up to.

Mrs M x

North America Knowledge Organiser (for future topic lessons)

Pentecost Pictures

Pentecost Pictures 1
Pentecost Pictures 2

Maths (Time Questions)

Picture 1

Howie Green pictures - I'll explain later...

Howie Green pictures - I'll explain later... 1
Howie Green pictures - I'll explain later... 2
Howie Green pictures - I'll explain later... 3